Common Core: Serious stuff

Update:  All the articles posted here on Common Core are being scanned from sites across the country!  Cities, School Districts, companies, and it looks like a lot of individuals.  There are more stories on and  People who care about capitalism and freedom are at war with our government – are you going to offer up your children to them or fight?  The main teachings in Common Core:  capitalism is bad.  They want complete government control.

by:  Diane Benjamin

I posted a story today about Common Core in our schools, and the same day the article is scanned by Pacific Metrics.   Their web address is below, they specialize in Common Core conversions for schools.  What are they worried about?

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Maybe they are afraid parents will learn the  truth about Common Core, especially the amount of data accumulated on every child and kept forever.  Might upset their profit margins.

I don’t get this information on every visitor to  I only get a name if your ISP address sends it.  Some of them are very interesting and someday I will do a post showing the names, some make me wonder if trying to inform people is worth it. Most visitors only show up as Frontier, Verizon, Comcast etc.

If you want this site to continue, I need to make it worth my time:

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  1. Diane, no one else is doing what you are doing. You provide valuable information. Thanks for all you do.

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