Bloomington: Are the citizens this stupid?

by Diane Benjamin

I really hate to do this, but I have to commend the Pantagraph for actually covering the issues with their “Council Questions”  series.  Everyday shows more insight into what the candidates believe and some of the answers given are truly scary is you believe in government Of the People, not I’m With the Government and I’m Smarter Than You.

From today’s editions

Jennifer McDade:  “I will demonstrate noble public service . . .”

Do you want a crown to go along with your nobility?  Is that why you are spending more than $30,000 for an office that pays $4,800?

Mboka Mwilambwe:  I am concerned the we do not have a bicycle master plan . . .encourage more people to use mass transit . . .remove obstacles that discourage employees from using mass transit

Mboka, you are running in the wrong town!  Normal is where you are suppose to live in Uptown, walk to work, and do all your shopping in 1 square mile.  Are you going to complain about reduced fuel taxes in the city budget when nobody drives anymore?

Write-In dude: Developing existing business . . . is the key to our continued growth. 

Do the existing businesses have a choice?  Are you talking Form Based Code?  Is it government’s job to develop business?  Maybe in some other countries it is, but then we are becoming just like those other countries.  Guys like this is why!

Jim Fruin:  One concern is the lack of resident interest in city government.

Jim, you nailed it!  You are the only member of the Council who voted for the Coliseum, all the rest were defeated years ago.  Nobody on the rich east side can spare time to serve, most won’t even vote.  You are once again running unopposed.

The entire series to date can be read at

3 candidates have stated many times that the City should focus resources on needs, not wants until the roads are fixed, ancient sewers are replaced and the pensions are funded:

Kevin Lower – Ward 1

Lane Hanson – Ward 3

Matthew Koetters – Ward 5

Are the citizens going to bother to vote this election?   History says only about 20% will.  On April 9th either the citizens will pick alderman who know what the responsibility of government is or the inept control from the top down will continue.

Somebody needs to ask Scott Black why he ran for reelection to the County Board last November and won, but is now running for City Council.  Is that fair to the voters?

The Sunday Pantagraph listed the endorsements by the Bloomington/Normal Trades and Labor Assembly: Mwilambwe, McDade, Black, Fruin, write-in guy.  Wonder why.

The interesting part will be:  Who will the Pantagraph endorse?  It will speak volumes!


2 thoughts on “Bloomington: Are the citizens this stupid?

  1. We know why the Unions endorsed these candidates…they know they will freely spend our tax dollars to build stuff we don’t need. Hanson and Renner are all about spending. Renner’s campain is heavily funded by the unions, and Hanson by the developers in this community. I am sick and tired of special interest.

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