Koos: Anti-2nd Amendment?

Previously reported – Chris Koos signed onto Mayors against Illegal Guns headed by Michael Bloomberg of New York City.  Bloomberg is the guy who banned public smoking, soft drinks bigger that 16oz, and salt in restaurants.  He wants to ban Styrofoam and ear-buds.  Bloomberg also put millions into the Democratic primary in Illinois for Jesse Jackson Jr’s congressional seat to defeat Debbie Halverson – a pro-gun Democrat.

Is there a Mayor in America that is pro-illegal guns?

The goal of this group is to ban all guns!   They know better than we do what we need-at least they think they do.  Why do you think Chris Koos totally rebuilt Uptown Normal and stuck the taxpayers with the bill?  He knows better than you.

Why does Bloomberg had a long history of banning things he thinks are bad for us?  Does anybody actually believe he doesn’t want to ban guns?  They are already banned in New York City, he wants them banned across the country!

Here’s the list of mayors who have signed on:  http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/members/members.shtml

Chris Koos:  Do you believe in the 2nd amendment?  Adding your name to this list makes it very likely you don’t.



3 thoughts on “Koos: Anti-2nd Amendment?

  1. That Vic Connor guy is quite impressive! One just needs to give him a chance and hear him speak. Besides the fact that Connor is a good opponent, Koos is so rotten that any opponent should beat him. Normal debt is getting higher all of the time due to Koos supporting the new urbanism agenda. Not to mention his apparent disdain for the 2nd Amendment and the rights of the people in general. I can’t understand why any one would want to keep King Koos in office.

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