Chamber PAC endorses spenders!

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce PAC has endorsed local candidates.  They claim to support low taxes and fees, but their endorsement doesn’t support their claims.

This is how they decide whether to endorse:

Does the contest offer a clear choice between candidates who support the Chamber’s mission and values and those who do not?–criteria

So what is their mission and values?


The vision of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is to be a vibrant, progressive business community that works together to make McLean County a great place to do business.


To support our members, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce promotes local commerce, advocates business perspectives, creates relevant programs, and establishes relationships for business success

Who they endorsed:

This is obviously the list of who NOT to vote for unless you like how progressives are running the state and country.  Massive spending will continue – sticking you with the bill.

These are all the same people who have voted for tax increases in the past.  If you support any of these people just because they say they are GOP and conservative, you are part of the problem!  All but Ryan have records, check the facts for yourself.

Obviously the Chamber thinks government is the answer.  In reality, if government hadn’t gotten in the way with un-funded pensions, regulations, and debt more businesses would locate here.  The latest looking for a home chose Lexington, wonder why?

**John Hanson

Ward 1:
**Write-In guy

Ward 3:
**Mboka Mwilambwe

Ward 5:
**Jennifer McDade

Ward 7:
**Ryan Fiala  (I have no idea how Ryan made the list – other than he owns a business in Uptown Normal)
Town of Normal

**Christopher Koos

Counci Members:
**Cheryl Gaines

**Kevin McCarthy

**Scott Preston


6 thoughts on “Chamber PAC endorses spenders!

  1. Please note, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is a “PAC”. This means their endorsements are politically motivated and not necessarily the choice of the people. It’s clear that the chamber prefers central planners who want to spend our tax dollars instead of letting us decied how we think they should be spent.

  2. I expect the Pantagraph will endorse the same people. Endorsements are so over-rated. They are political tool used to sway public opinion. These groups consist of a small group of people (7 to 10) who think they know what is best for the community. I don’t let endorsements influence my opinion, I dig deep and do my homework before I choose a candidate.

  3. I agree mudd. I don’t think the Chamber sticks to their agenda of supporting local businesses. It’s a racket just like most governmental committees. Hanson fits right in with their agenda. He is as much of a central planner as Renner, he just couches it differently. They are two peas in a pod. I’m voting for Lex Green…he’s our only chance to change the way business is done in this city.

  4. McDade…again… why am I not surprised ? Elitists backing an elitist mouthpiece. McDade is even against private business..the irony !

  5. I’m not surprised at any of the chamber endorsements. They have a history of endorsing the “elitist big spenders”. We complain about McDade, but Hanson is backed by the developers…the same group that gets behind McDade. Money and power…they stick together.

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