Election: Normal

BLNNews.com has many stories about Normal, Uptown, properties purchased and given away, crony capitalism, and the debt.  The below links highlight why change is needed in Normal.  The third link has a map of the TIF district.  The southern part hasn’t been completed, so the spending, borrowing, and giving away properties will continue under Chris Koos and the Council who always agree with the plans.

Citizens of Normal have a clear choice in April.  Most spending has been focused on Uptown and the TIF district while ignoring needs in the rest of Normal.  If you are ready for a change:

Mayor:  Vic Connor

Town Trustee (Vote for 3):

Gary Ohler

Jarrod Rackauskas

Ronald L. Ulmer

Cheryl Gaines has been a Trustee under the entire Koos tenure.  Kevin McCarthy was appointed by Koos.    If you want fiscal responsibility restored in Normal, Gaines and McCarthy must to be replaced.  Scott Preston plans to continue to invest in Uptown, it’s on his website: http://www.prestonfornormal.com/issues/promoting-our-uptown-vision/.

Per Citizens debt:  Pre Koos $11.52  2011 – $1,725.18


Uptown is being partially paid for on the backs of existing land owners in the Uptown TIF:


Normal Residents ALSO paying + see the TIF Map:


Pensions Funding has dropped dramatically:


Top 50 Salaries of the Town of Normal exceeds the medium HOUSEHOLD income in McLean County, but Normal still hires consultants:


Normal has purchased and given away land – your tax dollars:



Crony capitalism in Normal:



Koos joins Michael Bloomberg for Gun Control


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  1. Like the previous article, “Food for Thought,” current Normal administration is the perfect example of “run by idiots.” Kick’em ALL out!

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