Vetting Tari Renner – Again

by:  Diane Benjamin Sheriff Mike Emery recorded a commercial for Tari Renner.  The Sheriff credits Renner’s time on the County Board with ending prisoner placement in other counties due to over crowding. I can only think of a few ways that could happen: Crime is down Arrests are down The arrested are released instead of […]

The Waste List (partial)

Total Value of Government Waste: $18,224,377,097  WASTE: New NASA visitor center built next door to old NASA visitor center  – $12,400,000  WASTE: Circus classes  – $20,000  WASTE: Television rerun study  – $666,905  WASTE: Old-fashioned x-rays for prisoners  – $1,300,000  WASTE: Taxpayer-funded online lawyer training  – $500,000  WASTE: Missile Defense Agency’s research problems  – $1,000,000,000  WASTE: Arcade-style floor mats for gym class  – $90,750  WASTE: Department of Energy award for App that already exists  – $100,000  WASTE: Taxpayer-funded house renovations lose […]

Common Core: Serious stuff

Update:  All the articles posted here on Common Core are being scanned from sites across the country!  Cities, School Districts, companies, and it looks like a lot of individuals.  There are more stories on and  People who care about capitalism and freedom are at war with our government – are you going to offer up your children […]

CNN story: The only thing ‘high speed’ about ‘high speed rail’ so far is the speed at which the money is being spent

By Doug Powers  •  March 27, 2013 11:57 AM Joe Biden once laughingly (does Joe say anything that isn’t?) referred to former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood as the “conductor of the train to the future.” According to the CNN story below, the “train to the future” is a boondoggle — a slow boondoggle — so slow that it just got […]