Guns Illegal in One Generation

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by Diane Benjamin

Public schools are busy punishing small children as terrorists.  Boys can’t play cops and robbers at recess because it might involve pointing a finger gun at another student.  Children have been made into villains, in front of the classmates, for paper guns, “threatening” students with a bubble gun, and for hand gestures. Below are 4 examples.

Have school administrators lost all sanity?  It sure looks like it, but you have to know the agenda.  The goal is to indoctrinate a generation of kids to be terrified of guns or anything resembling guns.  Legislation to repeal the 2nd amendment will gladly be supported by them in the future “for their own protection”.

It only took one generation to change the country’s views on homosexuality.   I could be accused of a hate crime just for posting this.  Freedom of religion and speech are immaterial if the Bible is involved.   The Justice Department has scanned this site before, I will post an update when they scan this article.  Ask any twenty-something person their feelings on gay marriage.  Even those raised in a church support gay rights.  Violating religious beliefs on marriage as “between 1 man and 1 woman as instituted by God” isn’t a valid argument.  Where were they indoctrinated?  Public Schools!  The same thing is now happening in the gun debate.  We are about to be the generation that lost freedom and liberty.

Parents:  You must teach your children about guns!  When only the government and criminals have guns, liberty is gone.  It’s happened over and over throughout history.  That explains why history, especially how this country was founded,  isn’t taught anymore.  Add this to the list of why to take your kids out of public school.  Children must be taught the truth, today’s parents must be responsible for teaching the next generation.

4 Examples:

Bang! You’re suspended: Maryland children punished for making gun gestures

Two 6-year-old boys from Maryland were suspended from their school for making gun gestures during a harmless game of pretend, leaving parents outraged.

Mom Says School Went Too Far Punishing Child For ‘Paper Gun’

A mom believes a South Philadelphia elementary school went too far when she says administrators punished her little girl for pulling out a paper gun in class.

Melody Valentin says she pulled out a paper gun last week and says a school administrator scolded her in front of the entire class.

Girl Punished for Bubble Gun Remark

Talking with a friend about a pink toy bubble gun got a five-year-old kindergarten girl in Mount Carmel, Pa., labeled as a terrorist threat, according to her attorney.


A 7-year-old student at Park Elementary School in Baltimore has been suspended for two days after playing with his food at school, Fox45 reports.

The interesting part of the story?  The child didn’t get in trouble for neglecting his manners, as some may have assumed — he was allegedly suspended because the “mountain” he was trying to make ended up looking like a gun.

One thought on “Guns Illegal in One Generation

  1. Many of us grew up playing cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. There was only one fat kid in the whole school and the one or two kids that were medicated were unknown. We had a hell of a lot less “problems” with kids in school although there might be a shotgun or rifle in a gun rack in a pick up truck in the high school parking lot. The total destruction of America is at hand, compliments of globalist rape.

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