Lies, Lies, Lies Mr. President

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by Diane Benjamin

Lie after lie after lie comes out of the President’s mouth, the media says nothing or very little.  Today he did it again.  Losing the sequester argument, Obama has to make his low information voters believe Republicans are responsible for the coming supposed armageddon.  Cutting 2% from the budget that has doubled since 2000 is too big a job for a community organizer.  The media never asks why he feels the need to lie.  Meanwhile our children’s futures are being destroyed and nobody cares, except for the people who know the truth.

The government slaves hang on every word, incapable of any independent thought and sheltered from the truth by the complicit media.  It would never cross the President’s mind to lead and negotiate instead of using Alinsky tactics on opponents.  RULE 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.  (complete rules:

His first meeting with the GOP on the sequester was today!  It has been coming for close to 2 years, he thought he could win by delay, but the people want cuts.  He lost.

More lies came from in this email:

Today, because congressional Republicans refused to act, devastating budget cuts known as the sequester are going into effect. 

They’re self-inflicted wounds, and they didn’t have to happen. 

Congress can stop all of this right away — and pursue a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

That’s what the vast majority of Americans want, and yesterday, more than 100,000 Americans called on Congress to be reasonable about the budget. 

Add your name now:



More will be sent soon from places like  Balanced approach?  He already got his tax increases, we the people got no spending cuts. Now we at least have tiny ones.

The job of media is to be a watchdog for the citizens.  Instead, they are lapdogs.

Media:  Your messiah is cracking and taking you with him.  

We won’t forget who was in bed with the President when people ask who was responsible for destroying the country.  The people elected a Marxist because you feel in love with him and covered his lies.  Your names will be next to his when history writes about the worst president ever.


It didn’t take them long:

MoveOn takes it to a new level!  Blame the TEA Party.  You remember, the people who think government shouldn’t spend more than they have!

Dear MoveOn member,

Today the package of mandatory spending cuts known as the “sequester” takes effect. There’s just one word for the impact on millions of Americans: devastating.1

  • 373,000 seriously mentally ill people are losing care.
  • 70,000 kids are getting kicked out of Head Start.


  • 100,000 formerly homeless people will soon be back on the streets.


This is madness. The Tea Party and austerity-obsessed billionaires have finally gone too far—they’re holding kids and poor families hostage to force radical benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and more. Dozens of MoveOn members have started petitions to stop these cuts—and thousands more around the country are asking how to stop the austerity lies once and for all.

Congress and the media are watching to see if the public will swallow the most savage budget cuts in a generation—and an outpouring of constituent anger can change the political calculus and end the politics of austerity once and for all. So MoveOn members are going to congressional offices TODAY at noon—and throughout the day, with an urgent message: Cancel the sequester.

Your closest office is at:

Can you drop by Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s office in Cicero today (on Friday) at noon or later with other MoveOn members to say, simply, cancel the sequester?

Yes, I can drop by today.

No, but I can chip in to support MoveOn’s work to stop the devastating cuts and defend our social safety net.

This is coming together quickly, as it’s becoming clear that Congress is really going to let these cuts go into effect—so you don’t need to prepare anything. We’ll give you a letter to download and deliver to your Member of Congress, and you can wear blue to identify other MoveOn members who are there.

Let’s make this the moment that the media and history books understand as the turning point in the Tea Party’s attack on our government as a force for good in people’s lives.

Click here if you can drop by your member of Congress’ office Today (Friday).

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Joan, Nick, Manny, and the rest of the team


1. “The Sequester: Senate Democrats, GOP To Stage Votes On Rival Cuts,” Huffington Post, February 28, 2013

Uniformed people will fall for their claims, can America survive the lies?


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