Lies, Lies, Lies Mr. President

This site will end without your support.  Click here to contribute: by Diane Benjamin Lie after lie after lie comes out of the President’s mouth, the media says nothing or very little.  Today he did it again.  Losing the sequester argument, Obama has to make his low information voters believe Republicans are responsible for the […]

Sequester – Being LIED to Again-Update #2

Page Views: 1 Entry Page Time: 19 Feb 2013 12:23:12 Browser: IE 8.0 OS: WinXP Resolution: Unknown Total Visits: 1 Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States IP Address: Comptroller Of The Currency ( [Label IP Address] Referring URL: (No referring link) Visit Page: Is somebody in DC worried the truth might be told? _______________________________________________ This year the sequester […]

The Unscary Sequester

Wall Street Journal | February 7, 2013 Washington is in a fit of collective terror over the “sequester,” aka the impending across-the-board spending cuts. Trying to explain the zero economic growth at the end of 2012, White House spokesman Jay Carney blamed Republicans for “talk about letting the sequester kick in as though that were an acceptable […]

Sequestration: Harsh defense cuts?

  It’s almost impossible to know what’s real in Washington DC.  Most sources say the Defense Department would be cut $1 Trillion over 10 years under sequestration.  That’s $100 billion a year.  Since Congress is changed every 2 years, planning anything for 10 years is ridiculous, but politicians love to state numbers in those terms anyway.  The […]