Sequester – Being LIED to Again-Update #2

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Is somebody in DC worried the truth might be told?


This year the sequester cuts are $85 billion.  $42.5 from Defense Department, $42.5 from other spending except Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Social Security etc

This morning Obama gave yet another speech against Republicans, even though the sequester was HIS idea.  Here’s the list of what he believes will be lost when $42.5 billion of spending increases do not materialize:

Emergency responders, border control agents, FBI agents, federal prosecutors, child care, primary care serve ices.

Remember:  these are not cuts!  It only slows the rate of growth.  Low information voters will fall for his claims, it remains to be seen whether the GOP will.

Celebrate the lies with a quick video:  


– The so-called sequester “cuts” aren’t even real cuts! This year the government will spend more of your money than they did last year, and next year they will spend even more. If you spent more money year after year, you wouldn’t say you were cutting spending, so why does Washington get away with it?

– Overspending is overspending, no matter which way you look at it. Spending $800 that you don’t have on your credit card instead of $1000, doesn’t mean you cut $200 of spending. It means you’re still overspending by $800.

– Only an extremist would want to stop the sequester. As the National Taxpayers Union said, it is a starting point, not a finish line. Politicians will never actually cut spending if we let the spending radicals like Nancy Pelosi stop us from taking this small step forward.

–  The amount of the so-called “cuts” would be enough to run the government for only 4.5 days, and the spending radicals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want us to believe that the sequester will be “devastating.”

– As the president’s own press secretary admitted, the sequester was President Obama’s idea in the first place. American families are tired of him playing politics and blaming others for his own ideas.

–  In July 2011, a White House fact sheet praised the deal that gave us the sequester as “a win for the economy and budget discipline.” At the time, President Obama said it didn’t impact the middle class or working families. Now he says it does. He was either lying then, or he’s lying now.

– What is the sequester anyway? In a nutshell, the sequester is a deal that the President signed into law that says the government will overspend a little less this year than they did last year. That’s it. So they’re still overspending.

– A recent poll conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research shows that 73% of Americans want the government to cut spending, while only 15% want increased spending. The time is now to do what the majority of the American people want done.

– Everyone agrees that we need to reduce the deficit. Let’s start now by keeping the sequester in place, and making the politicians keep their promises, and uphold the laws they pass.

– We need to become an economically sustainable nation. The sequester is a step in the right direction. Don’t let politicians and their well-connected friends stop this little bit of badly-needed progress.

– Recently, Nancy Pelosi said that cutting Congressional pay would undermine their “dignity.” Could she be any more insulting? What about the dignity of the millions of Americans that are still out of work? Or the dignity of younger generations that will be burdened by the massive debt that paid politicians like Nancy Pelosi have racked up? What’s undignified is making a promise to the American people that you will cut spending and then trying to weasel your way out of it when the time comes, hoping that you’ll be retired before the bills come due.

Below is a comment posted on about the debt.  Maybe schools should start educating!

If you are concerned about the damage Congress is doing to the future of our kids, please consider suggesting that every High School Home Room in your community post and update weekly the information on the blackboard as indicated below:

“On Valentines Day 2013 each person in this classroom owed $52,380 on our National Debt.  Including your teacher!  This means a class of 25 students would owe $1,334,500!

“Twenty years ago your parents individual share of this debt was only $17,115!

If you want to take home as much money as your parents did, you’d better get the best education  you can possibly get because you will need the best paying job you can possibly get.

Since we have elected a Congress that has used this debt as a means to assist foreign nations that openly despise us, bail out large corporations in fiscal trouble, and provide all kinds of things we cannot afford, we must accept the responsibility to advise our children why their taxes will be the highest in history as long as they live.

It is also recommended that students be encouraged to ask their parents and teachers why Congress considered it forthright and fair to force America’s children to accept an overwhelming debt mandated without their knowledge or consent.

Note:  The intent of this entire post is in accord with the Mission Statements of all educational programs in the United States.  It is our responsibility to prepare our children to survive and thrive in the real world.  We should therefore willingly and openly discuss what Congress has done and continues to do to our children’s future.

Sooner or later it will be time to be up front with those who will by paying for all those things we cannot afford.   It is time that educators get busy and teach our kids why they need the best education they can possibly get.   Just do it before it is too late.

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