One Conservative running for Heartland College Board!

by:  Diane Benjamin

7 people are running for 3 seats on the Heartland College Board of Trustees.  In the past, the College has exhibited virtually ZERO transparency and they have no trouble spending County taxpayer money to create their vision.  The projected enrollment of 8,000 by 2015 will not be reality, but the spending continues unabated.

So far I have recognized only one conservative running for a board seat:  Jeffrey Bathe.  His goal, when elected, is to bring the public into the discussions about the future of the college.  He is willing to talk to citizens or groups at any time.

From his Facebook page:

Response to Heartland raising tuition 3%:

While a three-dollar increase is the least that has been enacted in recent history, it will mean that tuition has gone up almost 153 percent since FY 2004. The burden upon students and the taxpayers continues to grow as the institution has less support from state funding. With the concerns about the state pension, there is the potential fiscal liability that could lead to further increases. It is definitely time for the institution to see what is truly essential to the operation and success of its operations.

Response to Illinois failing to fund Community colleges:

Dependence on the state continues to be a problem. Definitely a time for tightening the belts this year and beyond. Determining what can be cut without damaging the student learning experience is the key.

This is a race that frequently falls through the cracks.  Readers:  Please share this information so liberals and unions don’t keep complete control of the board.  It’s your tax dollars they spend!

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