Main Street Association Debate – Mayor

See the previous post for the Alderman part of the debate:

Citizens can not make an informed decisions without attending at least one debate. Mannerisms and tone reveal much more than a printed recap.

All 3 were present:  John Hanson, Lex Green, and Tari Renner.  Answers are presented below in the order asked.

East Side Bypass

Hanson:  Might be necessary for growing the city or encouraging businesses to locate here.

Green:  Believes the current goal of the city is for a prosperous downtown and the bypass would distract from that goal.

Renner:  The issue wasn’t dealt with in public and he would not support it.

Citizens voice

Green:  Citizens do not have a dialogue with the Council.  He would allow all citizens a specified time to speak at meetings instead of limiting the speakers to 5

Renner:  Wants to let citizens speak.  Proposed open meetings with citizens the Friday before Council meetings.

Hanson:  Agrees with Green and Renner.  Proposed Town Hall meetings since Citizen Voice doesn’t produce dialogue.

Role of City Manager

Renner:  Mayor is the brains, City Manager should do what he is told to do since he isn’t elected.

Hanson:  Mayor doesn’t set policy, just tone.  City Manger brings opportunity and expertise.

Green:  City Manager implements policy given by Mayor and Council.  City Manger doesn’t make decisions on policy.

Solution for Pension Funding

Green:  Increase funding over a specific time period until under-funding is resolved.

Renner:  Save money on “studies”, utilize Wesleyan and ISU student instead.  Put savings toward pensions

Hanson:  System needs reforms on the state level.  It was never sustainable, it is “messy” and “archaic”.


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  1. Currently, the city’s “stated” mission is to make downtown prosperous, but Lex Green says that the eastside bypsass detracts from that mission. If the city wants the bypass, then it contradicts it’s own vision and they can’t have it both ways.

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