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I know all – I see all
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Normally a write-in candidate is a joke.  They obviously have no chance of winning.  Media completely ignores them, nobody but their close friends talk about them.

So what’s up with Bloomington?  One local radio station, maybe the newspaper, and Chamber of Commerce PAC is endorsing a write-in candidate!?!

Hum, makes me think they have an agenda.  Think the citizens are entitled to know what that agenda might be?

Rebuilding downtown Bloomington?

Racking up $80 Million+ debt just like Normal did.

Maybe this will be a clue:

Chris Koos wrote on write-in’s timeline:
Jamie. You’re on a hard path. I’m not supposed to cross borders, but this just makes sense. Good luck!

Makes sense for who?  The big spenders?

Decisions are made by those who show up….step up or shut up…two of my favorite, rarely spoken, inner monologue. mantras.

9 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – Write In Candidates

  1. Downtown business owner, write in candidate, conflict of interest big time. Should not get to vote, should leave the room during any council discussion. Any code of ethics should start here. What a joke the rubber stampers are,,, useful idiots and then on to the next lot!

  2. Something is rotten in Denmark. I think this whole thing was set up between Stockton and Anderson. Unfortunately, these kind of politics take our community down. Kevin needs to win!

  3. Why is this blog so concerned about Bloomington Normal candidates when it is based out of Ellsworth?

    1. It’s for Bloomington-Normal. In the country we don’t have big spenders trying to bankrupt the citizens! The current bunch in charge is doing their best and they have more plans to steal money from citizens. You like high taxes? Re-elect the current bunch and you too can get your pockets picked. Ask the local police and firemen why a lot of them live in Hudson!

      Read all the reports on Uptown Normal. Does the local press report anything close? Not a chance.

  4. Decisions made at all levels of government, and even those far away affect us either directly or indirectly.

  5. Diane Benjamin needs to move to Bloomington-Normal. That’s when I’ll start listening to her. The only voices that matters in this case are the citizens of Bloomington-Normal, not Ellsworth.

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