Local GOP Jumps the Shark

Note:  Be sure to read the comments!  Some of these people aren’t even Republicans while some of the Not invited vote Republican.

Invitations to the March meeting of the local GOP went out this week.  Since local election are April 9th, the meeting rightfully concentrates on the election.

Speakers: Deb Skillrud, Republican nominee for the City of Bloomington Township Supervisor. John Hanson candidate for Mayor of Bloomington, Bloomington Alderman candidates: Matthew Koetters, Ryan Fiala, Lane Hansen, Jenifer McDade, Jamie Mathy, and Kevin Lower. As well as Normal Council candidates Jared Rackauskus and Scott Preston.

Only GOP candidates were invited to speak, even though the City Council and Mayor elections are suppose to be non-partisan.

Worse, the local GOP is supporting John Hanson.  GOP platform values of limited government and low taxes weren’t exhibited by Hanson when he served on the City Council.  (http://blnnews.com/2013/02/26/vetting-john-hanson-the-record/)  Lex Green, the only person in the race who

(1) believes in fiscal responsibly

(2) believes in not burying our kids in debt

(3) has never had a relationship with Barack Obama

was not invited.

Topping it off, the GOP invited the write-in candidate to appear, even though the person actually appearing on the ballot – Kevin Lower – is a GOP Precinct Committeeman.  Do you want to throw a pie in Kevin’s face too John?  Or, is this all about the big contributors backing the write-in candidate so the spending can continue?

People who stand for nothing fall for anything.  Desperate for support from the local rich, the local GOP stands for nothing.

8 thoughts on “Local GOP Jumps the Shark

  1. What’s interesting is that Mr. Parrott said he invited Republicans only…according to voting records. Voting records show Lex Green voted in both the 2008 and 2012 Republican Primary. I wonder what Parrott’s criteria is?

    McDade, Hanson and Mathey are liberals disgused as Republicans.

    Parrott should be ashamed of himself.

  2. McDade voted “D” in the 2008 primaries, and Mathy voted “D” in both the 2008 and 2010 primaries.

  3. Actually it is worse than you reported. Jennifer McDade was invited..a liberal follower of Karen Schmidt – and Maboka Milwabe a CONSERVATIVE GOP voter and supporter was left off – as the GOP hopes to expand its base and diversify its membership this in itself is a glaring oversight. Who is runnng the local GOP anyway ? Shooting themselves in the foot and damaging their crediblity in the process ! FYI : Tari Renner is more conservative than John Hanson especially on fiscal matters.

    1. Is Renner acting? He has way too many ties to Obama for most conservatives to feel comfortable. Conservatives and Obama share very little.

  4. Renner says he is a fiscal conservative, and talks like one, but the die hard fiscal conservative in this race is Lex Green. Look at his website. http://www.JustVoteLex.com…it tells the whole story.

    Renner announced that he wanted to build a hotel in downtown bloomington…like we can afford it…HA! He also stated in a Pantagraph article that he wanted to raid the city’s reserve to build roads. There was a reason the city started a reserve policy. Their bond rating went down, and in order to get it back up, they implemented the reserves.

    There is a big difference between being fically conservative and fiscally responsible. Lex Green is both@

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