Pantagraph covering for Renner?

This Letter to the Editor was sent to the Pantagraph:

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 8:12 PM
To: Pantagraph Letters
Subject: Pantagraph Election Letter to the Editor

Vote Lex Green! Lex is what Bloomington needs. Lex is focusing on lowering taxes with limiting our debt that our city seems to unwisely acquire. Lex wants to fix our roads that are falling apart. When I look at the other two candidates I worry if one of them wins we will be in trouble. In 2007, Tari Renner as a speaker at Camp Obama explained the science of the election process and gave an outline on what their goals should be as Community Organizers for Senator Obama. Obama as President has issued more executive orders than any President ever and has shown total disregard for our Constitution and country. Though Tari is a personal friend of mine, I find it shocking that he as a Professor of Political Science does not see the dangers of the Obama leadership. As for John Hanson, it would be like Steve Stockton all over again!

This response was sent back 6 days later:

Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: Pantagraph Election Letter to the Editor

Charles, what is Camp Obama?  Cite your source that Renner spoke there six years ago or rewrite that part of the letter.  I also think it is a stretch to tie a Bl. mayoral candidate to the policies of a president but that’s just me, I guess.

Mark Pickering

This response was promptly sent back:

Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 4:27 PM
Subject: Answer & proof for Mark Pickering
Hi Mark, here is the proof of Camp Obama that Tari Renner spoke at:

It’s sort of odd Mark because I had an idea that you never heard of it and needed proof so I called your number and even talked with Karen Hanson who told me that if I had not heard back from you guys then it must be OK. I hope you can still get this election letter in since I sent it on March 13th. I have friends that would like to see it printed.

There have been a ton of pro-Renner Letters to the Editor.  Think this one will make print?
In case you don’t have a Facebook Account, this is the text:
I also had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Tari Renner from Illinois Wesleyan University.  Dr. Renner explained the science of the election process and gave us an outline of what our goals should be as community organizers for Sen. Obama.
Tari Renner tried to tell me he was invited to speak about the Iowa Caucus.  That obviously is not the case.
Diane Benjamin

9 thoughts on “Pantagraph covering for Renner?

  1. When Renner first announced their was a post put on his facebook page by a ISU professor that Washington was watching. The Post has been removed.

  2. I agrree that Camp Obama is a little stretch when writing in support of Lex Green, but the Pantagraph has no business sensoring letter to the editor unless they are vulgar or totally inappropriate. I guess free speech is not allowed in the local newspaper.

  3. OH…and with regards to Renner speaking at the Iowa Caucus…he must be having a difficult time distinguishing between his dreams and reality.

  4. Tari Renner is the best candidate of the 3 in this race. His voting record on the county board shows that Renner is a good steward of our tax dollars. His record of service and boundless energy are just what Bloomington needs right now. All these attempts at painting Renner in a negative light or trying to link him to some kind of hidden agenda are false. I urge you to meet and talk with Mr. Renner and examine is actual record of votes and you will see he truly is a fair minded and approachable man that will make a fine Mayor of Bloomington

    1. I have met with Tari. He lied to me about his time at Camp Obama, and I believe his commercials are lying. More details when I get them. He also quit the County Board mid-term. Was it to avoid upcoming votes?

      His commercials talk about lay-offs at the City. They did do early retirements, and even that was poorly handled. Layoffs? Maybe seasonal workers.

  5. Buyer beware…Renner is acting like a conservative, but he’s not. He wants to spend our tax dollars buiding a new hotel downtown. He was heavily funded by the Unions, and we know they want to build things so thay can have jobs…which means more tax dollars being spent on things we don’t need. I think Bloomington has plenty of hotels to accomodate the Arena.

  6. Charles, at least you got a representative from the Pantycrap to give you his name. About a month ago I submitted a letter with a response that it would not be printed as written. I responded asking what was wrong with what I had written and never got a response. Whoever sent this to me never bothered to sign his name. Classless!

    Also, for those thinking that editorials in the opinion section are written by an editorial board here in Bloomington, think again. Tuesday’s editorial about Gov. Quinn listening to the tax payers was the same article also printed on the opinion page of the Decatur paper. Not only is the Pantycrap being printed in Decatur it looks like it’s also being written there too.

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