Fly on the Wall – McDade (again)

I know all - I see
I know all – I see all
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The Pantagraph is running a series of questions with answers by City Council candidates.  Has anybody noticed that McDade’s answers are ALWAYS platitudes with no substance?


1) Our vibrant downtown is a gem and an economic driver in our community .  . . council must better align priorities . . . staff should leverage input and ideas . .  (Sunday March 17th)

2)  I am committed to cost effective government . . . I support efforts to ensure efficient city services . . (Monday March 18)

3)  Long term financial planning supported by good policy is essential.  We need to leverage economic development . . (Tuesday March 19th)

4)  Evaluate subsidy levels . . engage the citizens . . support quality of life issues . . build strong neighborhoods . . safe comfortable community  (Wednesday March 20th)

Read the complete responses yourself if you care.  Compare her answers to the other candidates, many with concrete ideas instead of sweet sounding talking points.

Jennifer spoke like a true politician, but then politicians have REALLY low approval ratings.


3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – McDade (again)

  1. McDade is the most arrogant and elitist liberal on the city counci. It is very important that everyone calls their friends in her ward and help Matthew Koetters bring some sanity back to the city council. McDade is so wrong on so many levels and does NOT serve her constituents or the city. She is all about Jennifer McDade only.

  2. McDade is all about the EDC and pumping money into downtown Bloomington. McDade should recuse herself from voting any money to the EDC. This is definitely a conflict of interest. The same goes for Karen Schmidt who votes for funding of the Library…since she sits on the Board.

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