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I know all - I see
I know all – I see all
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Why did Carol Koos write a Letter to the Editor supporting Write-In guy?

First Chris Koos write’s on the guys Facebook page:

Chris Koos wrote on write-in’s timeline:

Jamie. You’re on a hard path. I’m not supposed to cross borders, but this just makes sense. Good luck!

Then Carol Koos writes a supporting letter!

Congrats Bloomington!  You too can be the proud owners of “Uptown” Bloomington for the low low price of 80-100,000,000 Dollars.  Just vote for the Koos guy!

By the way, tomorrow is Easter.  Think write-in guy will be at church or celebrating with family:

Conversation from his Public Facebook page:  (spelling not changed)

3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – the Koos Family

  1. Jamie’s desert is reality. He is lost as an independent thinker, can only parrot the insider agenda. Yes, Jamie has been lost in reality for a number of years. So we’re supposed to believe in this guy? LOL.

  2. Get your facts straight. Carol Koos wrote the letter. She is not the wife of Mayor Koos.

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