Attn: Chris Koos and Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg thinks he knows what’s best for us.  Last Sunday he said this:  Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights.

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Bloomberg has billions of dollars and thinks it is his job to save the world with it, so he started “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”.  If that was really the goal of the group every mayor in America would sign up.  But locally only Chris Koos jumped on board.  In fact he was one of the first in the country.  Evidently Koos agrees with Bloomberg!

Michael Bloomberg’s stated goal is to counter the voice of the NRA, you know, the guys standing up for the 2nd Amendment.  The NRA knows that rights of armed citizens are NOT to be infringed.  They are advocating along with 5,000,000 other citizens to make sure that right is protected.  Michael Bloomberg laments all the gun violence, but let’s look at the facts:

What do Sandy Hook, the Colorado Theater shooting, and the Gabby Gifford’s shooting all have in common?

They were all carried out by mentally disturbed individuals.  Their families knew they were disturbed.  People around them knew they were disturbed, but current laws don’t allow disturbed individuals to be held against their will – even when they obviously should.

Instead of trying to reform mental illness laws, Bloomberg and Koos want to take guns away from law abiding citizens.  Here is one of their press releases from co-chair Mayor Thomas M. Menino proving they have no interest in the real problem:

“In nearly 20 years as Boston’s mayor, I have watched with frustration as our government has been bullied by special interests and ignored its duty to protect our citizens from gun violence. At long last, President Obama’s historic proposal brings Washington in line with the needs of our nation, our families – and, most importantly, our children and grandchildren, who look to us believing that our streets and schools, playgrounds and movie theaters, should be places of safety and joy, not conflict and mass murder.

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Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the country, but they still have a high murder rate.  They have a high murder rate because law abiding citizens do not have the right to protect themselves and gun toting gang members are frequently picked up and released.  The gun laws already on the books aren’t enforced.  Shouldn’t all gun violations get mandatory jail time?  Sorry, forgot.   Illinois is rapidly closing or selling it’s prisons.

Infringing on any rights granted by the 2nd Amendment diminishes all our rights.  Our first amendment rights will be under attack next – for the good of the children.

Chris Koos has lost his right to be Mayor of Normal because he does not respect the Constitution which he pledged to preserve, protect, and defend.  This fact alone should flood the voting booths with citizens who want their 2nd Amendment rights preserved.  If Koos thinks he has a right to limit guns, there is no limit to what he thinks he has the right to control.


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  1. Maybe the 2013 NRA Fundraising Dinner shouldn’t be held at the Marriott Hotel – or should it?

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