Why illegal aliens should NOT be issued a drivers license

1)  They are illegal!  Why should anybody who entered our country illegally, breaking the law to do so, be given any privileges?

2)  If the law keeps bending to accommodate illegal aliens, why have any laws at all?  or is that the point!

3)  American laws have always worked on the “honor” system.  Citizens aren’t assigned a personal monitor by the government, most keep the laws willingly.  Illegals broke the law to get here, work here illegally, and drive illegally.  Why should they be trusted to keep driving laws, or any law?

4)  A background check and even the identity of illegals is impossible to verify.  Each could apply for multiple licenses under multiple names and law enforcement would have no way to verify the information.

5)  9/11/2001 was committed by illegal aliens.  Between them, they had 63 drivers licenses.

6)  Why would illegal aliens apply for and keep auto insurance?  If they can obtain multiple drivers licenses and they are  get caught driving without insurance, they could just change to a different license.

7)  What happens of an illegal with an Illinois drivers license is involved in a fatal accident in another state that does not recognize the license?  Is the State of Illinois open to lawsuits?

8)  We are either a county of laws or a country of chaos.  Illinois is opting for chaos by encouraging more illegal aliens to move to Illinois for their “rights”.

9)  Are drivers licenses going to allow illegals to register to vote?

Illinois is racing California to the bottom of great places to live!   Screw the legal citizens, welcome and provide assistance to illegals.

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