SEIU and Walmart

Like being run over by leftists?  Companies can’t make their own rules?  Are people forced to work at Walmart?  Maybe yes, since we just re-elected the guy responsible for job loses and slow economic activity.  Of course, this is his base.  Another notch off freedom and liberty!  Congrats america.

Support the Walmart Strikers at an event near you. Take action on Black Friday.Dear ******,
Last month, employees at 28 different Walmarts all walked out of work simultaneously to stand up for living wages. But this Friday — Black Friday — it’s gonna get even bigger.
Flashmobs, Twitter storms, and justice-themed caroling are just a small portion of what will sweep Walmarts nationwide on the biggest shopping day of the year.
Stand with Walmart strikers, and find out now how you can take part in this national outpouring for good jobs. Click here.
In October, for the first time in Walmart’s 50-year history, more than 70 workers at multiple Los Angeles-area Walmarts walked off the job to demand a living wage, affordable healthcare, and respect from their employer. The strikes caused a ripple effect, and soon there were strikes in 12 other cities around the United States. But Walmart refused to listen, even retaliating against their workers.
Now, thousands of Walmart employees from across the country are coming together on Black Friday in an unprecedented action. The action will protest Walmart’s continued retaliation against its employees, and advocate for improved working conditions and fair schedules. But most of all, these actions are about respect.
This Friday, gather with friends, family, and co-workers to stand with Walmart strikers, and stand up for better jobs and a better future.
In Solidarity,
Valarie Long,
SEIU Executive Vice President

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