Bloomington taxes you don’t see

by:  Diane Benjamin

This information is from Fiscal Year 2012.  David Hales wants ALL businesses in Bloomington to be licensed!


2 thoughts on “Bloomington taxes you don’t see

  1. Seems to me that this is very similar to what the socialists in DC are trying to do to US citizens with healthcare and gun registration, don’t you think?

  2. If I remember correctly the 2% food/beverage tax was originally proposed in the 90’s to help pay for a proposed an arena to be built. With the added package tax the city collects in excess of $4 million! Like a spoiled brat, they never have enough and want more, more, MORE! Soon enough the citizens will have nothing. Wow, double taxation these days doesn’t sound half bad. Tax me twice and be done would be a good thing at this point!

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