Does Bloomington Aquatics make any money?

by:  Diane Benjamin

I getting used to the talking points – it’s not suppose to!  Oh, REALLY?

According to the City of Bloomington website, they operate 2 pools Holiday and O’Neil.  They offer swimming lesson and they rent boats at Miller Park.  I have no idea why some expenses are listed under identical accounts.  Is it too much to ask that “Quality of Life” programs at least come close to breaking even?  No wonder pensions can’t be funded.  Local government is too busy entertaining citizens, that doesn’t leave money for operating expenses.  For Fiscal Year 2012, this is how they did:


One thought on “Does Bloomington Aquatics make any money?

  1. The Miller Park boat rental is a farce!! $ 4.00 for 30 minutes, only open on noon -4:00pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the Season, could use row boats and let Senior Citizens fish for 1-2-3 hours at a cut rate price !!

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