Is Chicago using illegal voting machines?


The need for quality voting systems is universally accepted, but not universally attended to within the election jurisdictions across America. So often we speak of frustration over election security, but our ability to truly touch the system is channeled through the role of poll watchers and election judges. Important roles, but they only cover a limited aspect of election security.

Defend the Vote has been studying election systems in Illinois and discovered that the Dominion/Sequoia Edge2Plus DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) voting machine has never been certified to meet the 2002 Voting System Standards set up by HAVA or the requirements of Illinois election code. This machine is the one that was renowned during the Reid/Angle Senate race for switching votes…. with a notorious history in the world of election machines and fraud.

Published on Defend the Vote, Uncertified & Illegal! Election Board Letter Proves Cook County Election Equipment Used for the 2012 Presidential Election is Not Legal! details the certification of these machines in Suburban Cook County and Chicago, Illinois.

Explosive Letter Detailing the Illegal Use of Voting Systems in Illinois is a letter that I testified about last week in front of the Chicago Board of Elections, the Illinois State Board of Elections and Cook County Board.

The next step involves the need to get into the courts.

Defend the Vote is raising money to take this issue into the courts. The timing is incredibly important to achieve the objective of eliminating them from use in the 2014 elections.

Please consider making a contribution to this important cause. When you contribute to Defend the Vote you are directly fueling the grassroots movement for election integrity. Defend the Vote contribution page.

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Sharon Meroni

2 thoughts on “Is Chicago using illegal voting machines?

  1. Crooked voting, stuffing ballot boxes, voting numerous times is what Crook (Cook) County Chicago is all about. That is why downstate Illinois NEVER has a voice! Case in point is the last Governor’s race. Out of the 102 counties in Illinois Bill Brady won 98 counties and Pat Quinn won 4. Just because one of the 4 counties that Quinn won was Crook County he won the race. Does that really seem fair? This is why the corrupt Chicago Democrats control our state. As long as they can take 80% or more votes in Cook County they will always win.

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