How Bloomington can save a TON of money

by:  Diane Benjamin

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One thing that aggravates citizens more than anything else is government employees getting things the private sector would never consider.

Most, if not all, Bloomington employees and accumulate sick days and get paid for them when they retire.  Any private companies do that?  How about basing the pension on the amount after that final huge check is added to their salary?  Is the new pension amount even close to fair?  How many retirees make more retired than they did working?

Below are some random examples of salary spiking.  I cropped the name off, so the pictures are fuzzy.  What you need to see is the red line that suddenly goes drastically up before dropping off.  That is the payment for sick days.  I know the unions LOVE this, but can they explain how it’s fair?  I know the entitlement mentality, I’ve heard it too many times before.  How entitled are you when there are no pensions?  Have you seen Detroit?

Salary went from around $100,000 to $200,000
Salary went from around $81,000 to $190,000
Salary went from around $55,000 to $90,000
Salary went from around $50,000 to around $75,000

Pensions are based on a percentage of the ending salary.

The City wants to raise your taxes to fund this.

How about fairness first!

Should I mention Detroit again?




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