Bloomington Downtown Zoning Delusional

By:  Diane Benjamin

The proposed Zoning changes cover a lot of ground, but let’s start with downtown.  Obviously everything the City does revolves around putting lipstick on this pig.  This map is included in the documentation:

The Purple proposed to be D2.

The Green proposed to be D1

Light Blue proposed to be D3

So what does that mean?


The D2 description sounds just like Normal, like those buildings on Main Street that all look alike?


What they really mean is “right fit”.

Your local government thinks it can create demand where none exists.  Look for downtown roads to be closed for pedestrians.  Of course, they will need fancy paving.

After millions more is spent, will citizens finally figure out voting matters?


7 thoughts on “Bloomington Downtown Zoning Delusional

  1. HEY! I’m ALL for it! I say we shut off ALL the streets from Locust down to Olive and from Roosevelt to McLean and BLOCK it with barbed wire and concrete barricades to EVERYTHING but pedestrians.
    See the logic here? That way ALL the “healthy living types” and the “arts crowd” will HAVE to carry all their groceries, furniture, appliances art pieces, trash, etc to their domicile or out, thereby facilitating exercise and making us “FIT CITY U.S.A”
    That will in turn cut down medical cost for those folks and they can plant gardens in the planter boxes and OH so much more, that it boggles the mind. And it’ll be the RIGHT FIT, as we’ll have ALL the “tweaker thinkers” in one spot. This is PURE genius. All this thinking, NOW I need a nap… Course I’m sure Lawrence and Ole Stanky can help me “re-tweak” this to make it a perfect utopia..

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    1. Our elitist leadership has a vision of what “they” think the downtown should look like. Of course we all “in the real world” see their vision as a delusion. There is no amount of money that will turn downtown Bloomington into a place people want to go. The downtown is dead…. let me say it again… the downtown is dead… and it is not coming back…the end. You could drop $300 million into the downtown and it would not make a difference.

      Who wants to walk 2 – 4 blocks in January in downtown Bloomington?
      What businesses want to locate there? Retail (dying everywhere) Restaurants (like we have a shortage) Hotels (like we need another one)
      All of this is pure elitist insanity. We have plenty of infrastructure needs to be addressed in Bloomington. We need to make Bloomington truly business friendly to attract new businesses and encourage startups to stay here. Let’s start by lowering taxes and fixing the roads….a good infrastructure, a good workforce and low taxes is what attracts businesses. You then just let the free market work it’s magic. It is really that simple.


    2. But of course the “purr”fect utopia will include mayor Renner confined within this space walking around in his “I’m the Mayor” collared city shirt welcoming each and every individual that travels the space. Perhaps Mikey Mc will ride lil Tari around on his handlebars both wearing their cute little helmuts adorned with squirrels and butterflies. Oh the joy.
      “Look! Over there!” as lil Tari squiggles with excitement noting that “The unicorns are bathing at the water feature. Isn’t it beautiful, Mikey?” as the unexpected movement causes Mikey and Tari to tumble down to the pavement. “OMG, are you okay, Mikey?” says the mayor.
      “Yeah, I’m okay lil buddy. Geesh, don’t do that. I told you not to do that!. Oh no, look like I’ve torn my new polyester riding pants and scraped my knee!”
      “No worries Mikey.” says the mayor, “I’ll ask the unicorns to come over and fix it for you. Your knee will heal in a jiffy. Just think,,,” exclaims the mayor “,,,people will come from all around to see my magic unicorns! They’ll stop in to the old Route 66 museum and spend money on useless trinkets maid in Sri Lanka. Gosh we make such a huge profit on those things! And they’ll stay in our new hotel and bus to the new YMCA cause you can have so much fun there. Oh I love that song. Hey Mikey let’s do it, one more time for me.”
      “No, I’m not acting out that stupid song with you again. Geesh, Tari get off the disco 70’s will you? But I will do Miley’s Wrecking Ball with you if you want to do that.”
      “Yeah cool, but only if I get to wear that outfit. Yeah, I’m all in for the Wrecking Ball.” notes Tari, “Let’s wreck this place! Ha. Hahahaha. Ha, ha. Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahhaa!”


  2. This will never, ever, never, never work! This is a taxpayer-funded gift to the unions, developers, and other crony friends of Tari and big government.


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