One you must see to believe!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The below is from the Planned Unit Developments section of Bloomington’s proposed zoning changes

Public Health means walking or biking, cars aren’t allowed.  Safety?  How safe is Constitution Trail?

This one is funny:  Morals

Brought to you by the same people  hosting the Naked Magicians at the BCPA.

Evidently the “Morals” clause doesn’t apply to government.

I wonder how Planned Unit Development land use isn’t moral?  Renting to immoral people?

Some inspector gets to make that decision?  Maybe a whole new force of “morals agents” needs hired.

There are 9 other “objectives” listed on the first page.  Click the link above to see those.

Read the pages following too.  If this passes the Council, housing will become even more un-affordable.  Handcuffs will placed on developers, only those heavily subsidized will bother building.



11 thoughts on “One you must see to believe!

  1. Under Purpose and Intent, “The purpose of the Planned Unit Development Regulations is to encourage and allow more efficient, creative, and imaginative design for land development than is possible under otherwise applicable zoning regulations.” Well that’s a BIG FAT LIE, if I’ve ever heard one,,,as these proposed new ordinances go on to dictate what you can and cannot do!

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  2. Well, just ANOTHER example of “Fit City” You need to have good moral sidewalks, streets, crossings and traffic lights! Maybe the Rabbi over at the Moses Temple could bless them also and make them “kosher” Not to leave anyone out. YEAH! We could plant MORELS in the planter boxes and market “Moral Morels” And IF they sell well, we could use the arena for a mushroom growing facility-since all that comes out of there is BS anyway.
    This is ALL just WAY too logical. Maybe I should put on my aluminum foil cap now, as I think the mother ship is calling, and I don’t wanna leave this until I get to see what unrolls!
    Why, I predict a downtown with “free range” unicorns roaming around that flatulate lavender scents and make the WHOLE area smell intoxicating to visitors..

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  3. I can’t wait until Normal adopts these! Then maybe all the broken, rutted sidewalks will be magically fixed with no tax increase. Try and walk or ride a handicapped scooter on these sidewalks, it is not easy and can be dangerous. I we all know walking for health is good for you.

    Taxes will continue to soar as these political hacks keep ruining the cities or towns.

    We will be like California and hurt the poor well the rich keep on doing what they want.


  4. Planned Unit Development Regulations to encourage and allow more efficient,creative,
    and imaginative…
    What is next ? Planned Parenthood Development Regulations ? Same goals ?

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  5. The only REAL ones to blame is the voters for voting these left-wing, un-American, Saul Alinsky Progressives into office. It is evidently what the majority of voters want for Bloomington. Sure we voted for Kevin Lower but truth is Renner won by a solid 1400 votes so the handwriting is on the wall folks we had better be looking for another city to live in, actually the way the whole state of Illinois is going we should be looking for a better state. California is in the shape it’s in because the voters their choose to elect the most down-low dirty, wicked and corrupt Democrat politicians………………………it’s happening here also! Our house is up for sale and as soon as it sells I’m turning in my retirement papers at ISU then we are re-locating down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


  6. The morals police already dominate City Hall and Bloomington politics. They know the “right fit” and what’s best for you and me. Thank goodness, all that liberty and freedom was starting to get uncomfortable. Ugh.


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