Planet Fitness-Be Aware

By:  Diane Benjamin

When Target decided people could use whatever restroom or changing room matched their gender identity, it didn’t go well for them.  A national boycott led to loss of revenue.  Strange, but people don’t want to encounter people of the opposite sex in places that make them feel uncomfortable.  The Target policy means they could, so people made the decision to shop elsewhere.

Incidents of offensive behavior have happened in Target stores, this story recaps a few:

Before you use the facilities at the new Planet Fitness at Eastland Mall, you should know it looks like they have the same policy.

A woman’s membership was cancelled after she complained about a man in the women’s locker room.  She sued and lost:

This case is still in court, update from this month:

This story is from July 2018.  It recounts a lady in the locker room with a NAKED man.  Your safety and privacy rights aren’t important, you must accept the agenda.

Common sense and decency don’t exist.

If Planet Fitness hasn’t changed their policy, at least you have been warned.

This fits in nicely with the current national news:


9 thoughts on “Planet Fitness-Be Aware

  1. If you read their website they keep talking about being “a non-judgmental, inclusive gym”. This means if you are conservative, they don’t want you as a member. They can judge you, but you can’t judge them.

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  2. IF it’s like ALL the other gyms, it smells of curry and you can’t get on a machine anyway because their wives are sitting on them talking woman babble. Makes the whole place smell and gives it a bad “air”..

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  3. You’re a bigot. You are seriously misstating Planet Fitness transgender policy. Men are NOT permitted in women’s dressing rooms. Both cases you posted were transgenders who transitioned into women. There was NO naked man in the women’s dressing room. Both women took it on themselves to go to Planet Fitness sites multiple times and complain to other unsuspecting patrons about their policy on transgender persons. Planet Fitness rightly found this inappropriate and outrageous. Thus her membership was canceled. She sued multiple times and her suit was dismissed.

    Planet Fitness is a private corporation. It has a right to set policies. If you don’t like Planet Fitness then don’t go there, no one is forcing you to patronize them.

    The Target bathroom situation as another lie by you. Target spend 20 million dollars to placate bigots like you. Target now has single stall bathroom because bigot like you freak out about their bathrooms.


    1. I won’t say what you are Blackbird. I will say I am glad you are nobody because your comment in the past few days make me feel if you had any influence in the 1700’s we would be singing God Save the Queen or in the 1940’s German would be our official language. Oh what the hell, you are gutless.


  4. I call out bigotry when I see and read it. I am disputing “your” facts. If you don’t like Planet Fitness then don’t go. No one is forcing you to go there. You sit around talking about freedom. Apparently it’s only about your freedom and your hangups. You totally free no to go to Planet Fitness.

    There was NO a naked man in the dressing room, you are category wrong. I read and re-read all links you posted. THERE WAS NO NAKED MAN. Both instances were with transitioned women not men. Both instances were with clothed transgendered women.

    You also mischaracterizated the Target bathroom situation. Target has singled stalled bathrooms along with the traditional male female washrooms.

    Your post is an hysterical anti transgender and anti gay screed.


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