Normal: 6 minute meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

The actual video of last night’s Normal Council meeting is a little over 8 minutes long.  The meeting didn’t start until 1:48 and ended at 7:25, close to a new record.

In that time they approved spending $3,341,358.99 and some other items that couldn’t get a motion and a second fast enough.  It appears to be a game between the Trustees to see whose name can make the minutes.  There was no discussion on approving the plat, rezoning, or the final development plan for 715-755 W Raab Rd.

Trustee Lorenz did take some time at the end to present an award she accepted on the Town’s behalf in Chicago for the preservation of Broadview Mansion.


7 thoughts on “Normal: 6 minute meeting

  1. Was wondering when you were going to get to this.

    Yes, the meeting set a new record for one of the shortest in the cities history. Yet in this short time we learned according to Koos that $94 million in debt is the new normal. There’s no goal, even an inkling of ever being debt free. Get used to it. We’re just supposed to accept the economic boom the new buildings have been for our local economy.

    Are you ready Normal for your next tax increase?


  2. Let’s see, that’s about $9,281.55 per second (before interest on the debt). It’s easy to get things done in a one-party, totalitarian system.


  3. IF I lived in UPTOWN, I’d have myself committed!!
    OR move to Montana… And ride the range on my pygmy pony and zircon encrusted tweezers…


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