ISU usurps capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin Everybody should already know that capitalism isn’t taught to most of the students at ISU.  The kids flocked to the last Democratic primary to vote for a socialist. ISU now has an Adventure Center! The Center just opened this month.  Click on Equipment Rental A long list of items for rent […]

To all local governments and schools:

By:  Diane Benjamin Property taxes are destroying the citizens of Illinois.  We now have the highest property taxes in the country! Stop stealing from taxpayers NOW. Your tax and spend policies are forcing people to leave and wrecking the lives of people who can’t.  Un-affordable housing is your fault. Normal raises property taxes every […]

ISU enrollment – facts

By:  Diane Benjamin The media dutifully reported the freshman class at ISU is up 10% this year.  They mentioned the class is bigger than in recent years, they neglected to report real numbers. Incoming freshman LAST year was down 9.3%: Note that number was reported by the same WGLT who reported this year the […]

Bloomington Citizens get to Fund Rent

By:  Diane Benjamin At last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting subsidizing rent in the renovated old Junior High on E Washington was approved.  The subsidy will be coming from the General Fund, not TIF income.  The amount approved was $228,720 over 10 years. Economic Development Coordinator Austin Grammer stated the Comprehensive Plan calls for affordable housing […]

Cadena – Buck emails you haven’t seen

By:  Diane Benjamin Amber Buck’s parents were in the courtroom at last weeks hearing where Judge Hill issued an arrest warrant for Michael. If they had cared more when their daughter was cooking meth and allowing Mikey to be abused, his dad never would have fled to Massachusetts. See this email: Note the date:  March […]

Dickie Durbin at ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin The video of Dickie at ISU this morning is on Nikita Richards Facebook page.  He was here to endorse her.  The college Democrats plus Erik Rankin were there too.  The crowd didn’t look overwhelming. Dickie came, in his own words, to support a Democrat “traffic cop” to elections.  Yes, Dickie, we’ve seen […]

No Voter Suppression at ISU

By:  Diane Benjamin A couple of days ago a comment was made on Facebook saying Republicans were trying to suppress the vote at ISU, and that’s why kids had to stand in long lines. The person who made that comment must have not realized the election was a primary.  Suppressing democrat votes does nothing to […]

County Land Use problem

By:  Diane Benjamin I FOIA’d the bills paid by the Land Use Committee since nothing was included in the meeting documentation.  See what was paid here:  FOIA_land_use_bills_-_redacted The only thing redacted was the chairman’s signature, the County got the information to me the same day I filed it.  I hope in the future it’s just included […]


Guest report: Atlanta Taxpayers saved $200,000!  Why is that important – besides the obvious?  Let’s take a look at their spending and loans over the last 10 years. . 6-28-08:  Loan #32997.  $100,000 Construction Expenses on Library Annex (Palm’s Grill and Atlanta Library Museum). Library board likes to tell everybody it was done with grants and donations, but they never […]

Roads weren’t made for HUGE buses

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t Doug Fansler, Normal resident Besides devouring at least $800,000 a month government stole from you to fund it, Connect Transit is destroying infrastructure.  The roads weren’t built for huge buses.  The roads weren’t built so buses could make right turns, especially if traffic is sitting in the far lane. Remember when a […]

Normal’s fleece tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The financial statements for the year ended 3/31/2018 are being released tonight.  Six month old data isn’t ideal and would never be tolerated in the private sector, but at least Normal didn’t hold the information the way Bloomington did last year.  Since Bloomington’s year-end was April 30th, their financial statements should […]

Nikita really doesn’t want the job!

By:  Diane Benjamin From Nikita’s website: Read through the whole website, it’s obvious who was a contributing copy writer! Who claimed the Clerk shouldn’t be counting their own votes?  (Like they do) Tari Renner!   One of Nikita’s goals – in her own words – is to take elections away from the County Clerk and create […]

Press Conference – Kathy Michael

Email from Kathy Michael to the press: In light of recent false comments in the article below, and numerous other past disturbing and now deliberate false statements regarding our election process in McLean County by Ms. Nikita Richards, I can no longer stand by and remain silent. The election process in McLean County is being […]

Huffington Post does Nikita!

By:  Diane Benjamin See the story here:  Democrats Local Candidates – Cheri Bustos Some stories have too many lies to ignore.  This is one of them. Excerpts: A public relations consultant?  Why does the City of Bloomington call her an Employment Coordinator?  The truth is too embarrassing?  State Officials (Democrats of course) are supporting her?  I […]