What really happened at ISU?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Think back.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are vying for the Democrat nomination for president.  The Illinois primary election was held on March 15, 2016.

The Town of Normal has 30 precincts.  The entire County picked Hillary Clinton, 26 of Normal’s 30 locations picked Bernie Sanders.  The four that went for Hillary had slim margins:

#6  59-54

#23 2-1

#26  44-36

#27 73-61

See the results here:   https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/index.aspx?NID=1031

Before I continue, let this sink in:

The Town of Normal Democrats overwhelmingly voted for a socialist.

Nothing is more un-American than socialism.  Free college education, rights to things not in the Constitution, and redistribution of wealth. See Venezuela.  If socialism ever rules here Miller Park Zoo won’t exist anymore, citizens there ate all their zoo animals.

Back to the primary:

According to this WGLT article from March 15, 2016, Bone Student Center did not run out of ballots, they ran out of voter registration forms.  Large numbers of ISU students decided to same-day register.  Registered voters had no problems.  Kathy Michael disputes whether  they actually ran out of forms.  More registration forms were delivered and everybody who wanted to vote was able to.

Source:  http://www.wglt.org/post/tempers-flare-over-voter-waiting#stream/0

The article quotes a member of the College Democrats calling it voter suppression:

Maya Rejmer is a freshman member of the College Democrats. Rejmer says this is not right and blames the County Clerk, “It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last time. This is legitimate voter suppression and it’s not fair.”

County Clerk Kathy Michael categorically denies the allegation of voter suppression.

“I think it’s the heat of the campaigning out there. Someone’s calling and spreading quite a bit of disturbing lies.”

Sounds familiar.  The large turnout was due to Bernie Sanders being on the ballot.  The WGLT article states only 19 people cast ballots there in the previous election.

The real question people should be asking is:

What is ISU teaching?

Why did ISU students flock to a socialist?

Maybe the new Democrat Party Chair – Erik Rankin can answer that question.  He teaches government and politics at ISU:






Considering WGLT did cover the FOIA allegations made by the Democrat Party against Kathy Michael but have failed to cover allegations against Nikita Richards, their reporting is suspect.

See yesterday’s story  HERE

Is the reason because WGLT if part of ISU?



9 thoughts on “What really happened at ISU?

  1. Therein lies the answer to the TWISTED results of elections in this county and cities, i.e.: Koos AND Renner getting elected along with other socialists.
    When you have a massive number of YOUNG minds and “bribe” them or otherwise torque their thinking to vote for some out-on-the-limb candidate you get skewed numbers!! This has GOT to stop here , as it WILL destroy this great town, as it already has “UPTOWN” I know so many folks who REFUSE to call it that, and don’t go there because of that.
    ANOTHER example of skewed numbers-QUICK! What department at University of North Carolina has the HIGHEST average income AFTER graduation? It’s Geography!!!
    Geography, WTH you ask? Michael Jordan was a major…..
    He also took some calculus with analytical geometry..


  2. “Neither peace nor tranquility remains in private or public life where the subversive doctrines of Socialism, Communism or Nihilism are taught”
    Leo XIII December 28, 1878


    1. Yep, pretty much, they indoctrinate them about the glorious “leaders” like Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and rile them up and give them little pep rallies basically and then say “GO GET ‘EM Young people! YOU are the future YOU are YOUR future and YOU CAN make a difference” or something along that line, and the eager little bubbleheads who have been convinced that they are indeed well educated and well informed go and do as told.


  3. If you want to do some really fun stuff pull Eric Rankins computer use. He blocked me on one social media site after I sent him several pictures of that site where he posted political campaign posts during work hours. That’s a huge NO NO when one works for the State of Illinois. He should be fired from ISU. His classes should all be audited. It might be fun to stand outside his classrooms and interview students about what they are learning.


  4. Fantastic! So, out of town, suburban Chicago college students could quite literally decide the outcome of local elections. Bear in mind, these are people that are merely here for 4 years at most on a part-time basis and almost all will leave the community when their time at school is up. Of course, they want Uptown to grow and the town to offer more entertainment and services, they don’t get saddled with the bill. That’s for taxpayers.


  5. When I went to ISU the Political science professors were some of the WORST low life scoundrels that ever set foot there. In fact, one I had received a grant for a considerable sum, and when his work came due, he disappeared! And as for his philosophies, they were STRAIGHT out of the Marxist play book! And OH YES, they DO try and get the students to influence the election and BE VOCAL!
    Sensible citizens of these two towns WOULD NOT elect the like of Koos and Renner..


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