Video: Kathy Michael Press Conference

Press packets proving many of the points made were distributed to all members of the press there.


10 thoughts on “Video: Kathy Michael Press Conference

  1. ALL one needs to do is speak with Kathy for a minute or so, and you can tell she has the intelligence to run the office AND the integrity which it SHOULD be run with..

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  2. Great news conference Kathy! Nikita Richards is ignorant and a serial liar. Your rebuttal will be well accepted by the community because you have integrity, something Ms Richards only wishes she could have, but not attain.

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  3. Where is the local republican party? The McLean County Republicans seem to be awol. However, the McLean County Democrats are leading the fight.


    1. That’s a good question – and make no mistake, the Dems are scurrying around like busy busy little mice and especially ALL OVER the West Side and a few other pockets around town, giving stuff away, smiling like Cheshire cats and telling all of the “little people” how they will fight for them and find more ways to give them free stuff and the like, it’s sickening. I hope she utterly destroys Richards despite all of the hustling and bustling the Dems are going to do to get all of the shall we just say, less than well informed voters to the polls to vote Democrat, like little robots programmed by their “masters” to do as told. I know it’s just a small race in the scheme of things, but it is throughout the entire country that they do these things on local levels all the way to national, and yes LOCAL city/county etc politics DOES matter because it is often in these little fields that people get their start and it is best to shut down the people like Richards, Renner, Buragas etc etc before they go on to “bigger and better” things after having hoodwinked locals in small elections as their training ground. Of course Tarry did try for bigger first but has settled on making his own little fiefdom in the confines of Bloomington, I don’t doubt for a minute though that he will run for something else again in the future.

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  4. I hope Tari DOES run…..for the Mexican border!
    Something that seems to be missing in ALL of the Democrat candidates in this election is GRACE. No sense explaining it, as if you have it, you know what it is, and if ya don’t,
    ya won’t get it.
    Even WGLeftT twisted this story so much this morning that it made a pigs tail look like a floor level.. seriously disgusting on their part..

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  5. Okay before you climb my tree, stop and think about what a News conference is like over 95% of the time. A statement is most often given or several and then the “press” or public is allowed to ask questions of the person at the podium. This was a Political Statement only. No questions asked, at least on your video. On the others side, I am pleased she did this off the premises of her Elected office building. And I am going to vote for her.


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