17 years, don’t forget

5 thoughts on “17 years, don’t forget

  1. One thing I will never forget is Killary passing out after a 9-11 event in New York before the 2016 election and being exposed as physically unfit to be president. Thanks to a citizen journalist with a cell phone and the internet, voters would never have been allowed to view this massive news by the lamestream, corrupt media.

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  2. Killary not only passed out at the 9/11 memorial event in New York but they tossed her in her medical van that she was traveling in with her personal doctor the big black guy always standing by her while she made her speeches. People thought he was secret service for a while until the truth came out that he was her doctor. What was even more bizarre is that after she was tossed in her van she was not taken to a hospital but to Chelsea’s apartment! I know this may sound far out but I have heard that Hillary had a double that was 5 years younger then her that talked, dressed and acted just like her. I personally don’t think the Democrat Party as corrupt as it is if Hillary did die for the sake of their Party to secretly get rid of her and bring out the double. If you notice after that incident she has had no more medical problems…………………….imagine that! Bill would not of minded since their married was ALL about politics that’s why he always had other women to gratify himself with.


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