Press Conference – Kathy Michael

Email from Kathy Michael to the press:

In light of recent false comments in the article below, and numerous other past disturbing and now deliberate false statements regarding our election process in McLean County by Ms. Nikita Richards, I can no longer stand by and remain silent.
The election process in McLean County is being attacked with lies of voter suppression and not so subtle hints of racism. The office of County Clerk with its dedicated and honest staff,  the hundreds of  loyal hard-working election judges, and many other honest, ethical election volunteers of all color, for well over a year now, have continually been slandered by Ms. Richards lies. If they continue, and are believed even by a few, will cause great harm to the election process here in McLean County, “A lie told often enough, becomes the truth.”
Ms Richards is hurting the very voters she professes to care about by attempting to make them fear the voting process here in McLean County. This is shameful.
I am addressing these and other issues of continual lies by Ms. Richards at a Press Conference Tuesday, September 4, at 5:00 pm.
Location:  Jim’s Steak House–5:00 pm

Kathy Michael

21 thoughts on “Press Conference – Kathy Michael

  1. This press announcement shouldn’t be even necessary in an honest campaign. Reminds me of the Mayoral race and her sisterhood. Wonder if her values were taught at the boot camp or at her home.

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  2. Good for her (KM). Enough of these ridiculous dog-whistles Nikita keeps tossing about.

    “All whistle…no dog”

    And if by chance Nikita might read this, please allow me to say dear lady”…because of Trump” is a really stupid reason to give you my vote for a job that requires a great deal of maturity and focus.

    So, I think I will give my vote to the one who has been doing a fine job overseeing – without fuss, controversy, or needless drama – an office of government that performs the most benign of functions – the keeping and organization of records.

    Gah…liberals, ‘progressives’, and socialists (I’m sorry “DEMOCRATIC” socialist) afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome….

    like a bunch of freaking 12 year olds dreaming nonsense in La-La-land (no insult to 12 year olds intended).

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    1. Yes it is amazing that her reason to run for Mclean County Clerk is the election of Donald Trump? And because of supposed disenfranchised “vulnerable populations” who is not being allowed (in her mind) to vote? Note to Nikita: Go back to Chicago – we are not electing you to anything in “our town”!


  3. While I will vote for the incumbent, her location for a press conference was a poor choice for everyday people. As I have eaten there lots of times, it is known as a rather expensive place to go out to. Sorry, but I just don’t see folks most effected being able to attend at this location.


    1. “Sorry, but I just don’t see folks most effected being able to attend at this location.” Who is being effected? Effected from what? Imaginary voter disenfranchisement? Really? So you are giving this imaginary issue legs?


      1. Well,Larry, you must always try to understand both sides. I see this location for our opposition to use this against Kathy. A more, pardon me, conservative. location would have a better chance of ALL voters to also attend. Saying they don’t have to eat just doesn’t cut it, ether. and I say again I will vote for Kathy.


      2. BLN, ” and Larry, first, I also do not want to make an issue, but to say, “Nobody is eating unless they want to” or don;t make it an issue is not being aware of who all might want to ask pertinent questions, but feeling out of their comfort zone, will not attend. We as a political party should always be open to all party members. My comment on this is over.


      3. Yes it is and it helps move the false narrative that she is using to fuel her election forward.

        “She’s been raising concerns about the current’s clerk “unethical” decision to remove polling places in two largely minority and low-income neighborhoods. There isn’t a bus line in those neighborhoods either, she said, which means it will be a lot more difficult for people there to vote.

        “There’s a history in this office of voter suppression,” said Richards. “I bring an integrity that I’ve exhibited all throughout my career.”

        Now let’s talk about something that really matters…. in a time when our economy is declining and we need to attract new businesses… what is this national publication saying about our towns? So how do we attract young people and new businesses to our area with Nikita pushing a narrative of systematic discrimination/racism existing here? So suddenly because she wants to use an imaginary race issue we are tainted in a national publication as being a hot bed of republican led racism? Maybe she should have some white hoods and burning crosses in her campaign ads too? Thanks Nikita! You are just what “our town” doesn’t need right now. Go back to Chicago…


  4. Training “people of color” and millenials? Trump getting elected mades “Hordes of Democrats want to run for office” Lemmings run in hordes, don’t they?
    So Basically, Sherry B is training people in a one day or so “BOOT CAMP” to run our state and local governments, regardless of qualification or merit?
    A guy named Adolph did the SAME thing to HIS young people, didn’t work out well..


  5. It is obvious that Nikita Richards is creating a hostile environment by race-baiting using Saul Alinsky tactics to stir up hate and division among voters in McLean County. This unethical behavior in itself only shows why she should not be elected as McLean County Clerk or any political position in our county!

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