Huffington Post does Nikita!

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the story here:  Democrats Local Candidates – Cheri Bustos

Some stories have too many lies to ignore.  This is one of them.


A public relations consultant?  Why does the City of Bloomington call her an Employment Coordinator?  The truth is too embarrassing? 

State Officials (Democrats of course) are supporting her?  I wonder if Mike Madigan contributed – he is the State party chair!

Did you know this:

The debates are going to be FUN.  Nikita knows nothing about the job and how polling places are picked.  

Connect Transit must be really racist since they don’t serve minority and low-income neighborhoods.  Looks like Nikita believes 40 days of voting and same day registration still makes it too hard for minorities and the poor to vote.  I hope they are duly offended by her comments. 

I hope she brings examples of “voter suppression” to the debates.  “I bring an integrity”?  Seriously?  I hope she brings examples of that to the debates too.  Pretending she doesn’t work for the City doesn’t ooze integrity.  Campaigning while supposedly working doesn’t either.

Chemberly Cummins is another product of Cheri Bustos, but she didn’t get a story, just a pic.

What we do know is the Bustos recruits like to spend your money.  Obviously Bustos isn’t training fiscal conservatives.



20 thoughts on “Huffington Post does Nikita!

  1. Nikita started her own consulting firm. I believe it is called NDR. She calls herself a communications expert perhaps because communications was her major at ISU. Regardless, it is more impressive when selling yourself to the voting public to call yourself a consultant rather than a government employee in an HR department. Politics is all about perception not reality.


      1. She may have started the consulting firm based on the advice received at the boot camp. Politics is all about selling the product.


  2. “Kelly Dietrich of the National Democratic Training Committee, which launched in 2016 and offers free ONLINE COURSES to Democrats interested in running for local office, hailed Build the Bench as a model program for bringing fresh blood into the party. He consulted with Bustos as he set up NDTC, which, since early 2017, has seen 18,000 Democrats register for online campaign training, Dietrich said.”
    Is this one of the online links Richards was reading while at work?


  3. I am still confused about what she really does for the city? Perhaps the head of HR could explain why she was hired and what she does? It seems like she is being held in Tari’s orbit until she can get elected to something?


      1. So Nikita has a degree in Communications and she gets hired as a legal secretary? Legal secretaries are very skilled in that field and usually have education and training to be able to do the work of a legal secretary. How does one get a legal secretary job if you have not been trained or educated to be a legal secretary? I personally know someone who went through an associates degree program to become a legal secretary. It is a very difficult program and is not even remotely associated with a Communications degree. Something is not right with all of this….Was she working for a city lawyer? That is what legal secretaries do…. they work for attorneys. ????????????


      2. This is what is on her Linkedin Profile…

        Candidate for McLean County Clerk
        Company Name:Nikita Richards for McLean County Clerk
        Dates Employed:Jun 2017 – Present Employment Duration 1 yr 4 mos
        Location: McLean County

        Company Name: City of Bloomington, IL
        Total Duration:3 yrs 8 mos
        Title:Employment Coordinator
        Dates Employed: 2017 – Present Employment Duration 1 yr

        I would like to announce that YOU’RE NOW LOOKING AT THE NEW City of Bloomington Employment Coordinator!!! Here’s to building solid community ties, maintaining fairness, a strong Bloomington base, and recruiting the best talent our city deserves! Oh & no worries NDR Communications is in full throttle!

        Title: Administrative Court Facilitator
        Dates: Employed Feb 2015 – Present Employment Duration 3 yrs 8 mos

        Family Community Resource Center
        Juvenile Court Family Support Specialist
        Company Name:Family Community Resource Center
        Dates Employed Apr 2008 – Mar 2013 Employment Duration 5 yrs

        Illinois State University
        Illinois State University
        Degree NameCommunications Field Of StudyPublic Relations/Image Management
        Dates attended or expected graduation 2010 – 2013

        Illinois State University
        Illinois State University
        Degree NamePolitics & Government Field Of StudyLegal Studies, General
        Dates attended or expected graduation 2002 – 2006


      3. I think she just makes up what she wants…. At least she should be consistent with here work history…notice LinkedIn does not indicate the achievement of degrees? But her website says she has a bachelors and a masters degree? How do you get into an HR job without a degree?


      4. Her website says this:

        Nikita served in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged

        While attending Illinois State University, Nikita earned:

        Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Government

        Master’s Degree in Communication

        ABA Accredited Paralegal Certification


      5. This may be why she looking for Fonts online at work… her consulting work? This is not on her LinkedIn profile for some reason…. forgot it?

        Professionally, I am a public relations professional with eight years of experience in the corporate, agency and nonprofit sector. This work involves community relations, relationship building, political & organizational communication, civic/political engagement, social media & network management, mediation, corporate reputation management, key message design, image restoration and brand building.


  4. Well Lawrence, let’s GO BACK a few years in history. The RUSSIANS (those heathens) sent a chimpanzee into space in an orbiter and returned him successfully to earth! So, I guess it don’t matter What you do, or whether you’re a astronaut or a chimp, someone is GONNA support you IF you might make history!!

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