Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

The VenuWorks report is not the audited version, it is therefore immaterial.  Time allowed for the presentation is 5 minutes, included will be the fictional economic impact of the arena.  See PDF page 40:

Financial information is on PDF page 39.  The loss does not include depreciation on the building which will add 100’s of thousands of dollars to the loss.


Scott Black has been busy trying to grow government and give them more control over downtown.  He knows what the “right fit” is.  (Just like the Coliseum and BCPA were the “right fit”)

He wants the following items discussed:

Did Scott check to see how much all those empty buildings are paying in property taxes?  If the City seizes them legal expenses will explode and no property taxes will be paid.  The current owners aren’t going to allow their properties to be taken for pennies.  Those holding loans on the properties won’t either.

David Bentley, owner of the CII East building, sued the City over TIF dollars.  Tens of thousands of dollars were spent by the City defending their actions.  Does Scott think he will give away his  building?  The weeds are still growing in the planter boxes, very attractive.

If the goal is to provide space for a bus transfer station, that property won’t generate any future property taxes.  I wonder how District 87 feels?

Tim Gleason was hired because he did redevelop downtown Decatur.  A business that had been  there for more than 100 years closed after redevelopment.

Bloomington debt as of 4/30/2017 was $266,805,884    Comptroller’s website

Bloomington population is reported as 78,292

Decatur’s debt as of 12/31/2017 was $172,124,093     Comptroller’s website

Decatur’s population is reported as 76,122

Bloomington population is slightly higher, but debt is close to $100,000,000 higher!  A lot of Bloomington’s debt is from failed attempts to revitalize downtown with the Coliseum and BCPA.  Both are a drain on City finances.  Scott Black wants more of the same.


Scott Black wants people who pay City bills by check or cash to be penalized.  I wonder if Scott even knows the City is penalized when people pay by credit card?  This is yet another attack on the poor and elderly.  Nice.

Why do City documents need redesigned Scott?  How progressive of you!

Voting does matter, Georgene Chissell wants to replace David Sage.  She wants to use eminent domain too.  Is Ward 2 listening?











8 thoughts on “Bloomington Council tonight

    1. Yup. Snotty Scotty is Tari’s button man. It is 100% about control. Both of them, and Mathy too, lament that the current businesses don’t stay open during the farmer’s market, don’t have the “right hours”, and/or are not actively engaged with the Downtown events and DBA (or whatever its called now). They want to control who does business in Downtown just like Normal does in Uptown. It’s only a matter of time.

  1. The City doesn’t even fine those who violate City codes. Landlords are not fined, they are asked to comply at Administrative Court.
    The City will be charging for “water bill insurance” unless the property owner ops out.
    Does Scott have a problem with his memory?

  2. A fee for paying a water bill by CASH is not only totally asinine, but Illegal! I believe it reads” This note IS legal tender for ALL debts public AND private””.. Maybe he should have Tari read him the Constitution and other such laws..

  3. ~use students from ISU & IWU~ they are already being used. This unbridled liberal wing of the McLean County Democratic Party that in now in control had better hurry
    their agenda for there will be a backlash in due time.

  4. Conspiracy theory… Perhaps, eminent domain will be used to secure the State Farm building. No one is interested, not a single serious buyer. State Farm doesn’t want to guard an empty building and fix maintenance issues for a vacated place. So, Tari swoops in, claims the city is getting a “bargain” for pennies on the dollar, SF gets to leave a headache behind, take a check, and perhaps claim a tax write-off.

  5. And Tari, having a lilliputian complex, will have one of the TALLEST buildings in town as HIS achievement! Hopefully he’ll GO AWAY after that-A LONG WAY AWAY!

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