The tale of Two Downtowns

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I took a road trip to downtown Decatur.  Since Tim Gleason was hired to make Bloomington’s downtown like Decatur’s, I wanted to see what has been done there. Have you heard comments about matching awnings?  Below are on two sides of office space.  The windows are covered with closed blinds. Have […]

Tari’s Creative Financing

By:  Diane Benjamin Taxing Tari has mentioned more than once that Tim Gleason has some “creative financing” ideas.  This morning I think I figured out their game – at least part of it. We know they want to double the gas tax.  We also know the entire amount raised won’t be spent on roads – […]

Scotty’s inititives

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night Alderman Scott Black presented his want list: Most of them took up way too much Council time, a total of 8 minutes for each was extended for most of them. Scott doesn’t really want to know how other communities fund downtown redevelopment, he wants new fees or taxes that are […]

Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The VenuWorks report is not the audited version, it is therefore immaterial.  Time allowed for the presentation is 5 minutes, included will be the fictional economic impact of the arena.  See PDF page 40: Financial information is on PDF page 39.  The loss does not include depreciation on the building which […]

Bad things start in California – here’s one

What to watch for locally: Sustainable Communities = NO private Property Rights Sustainable Communities = means jamming people into dense, urban centers using high-density residential housing and high-intensity retail and commercial buildings near mass transit corridors.  Best practices = We have to limit citizen rights “Sustainable” is frequently mentioned by officials in both Bloomington and […]