Tari’s Creative Financing

By:  Diane Benjamin

Taxing Tari has mentioned more than once that Tim Gleason has some “creative financing” ideas.  This morning I think I figured out their game – at least part of it.

We know they want to double the gas tax.  We also know the entire amount raised won’t be spent on roads – see yesterday’s story:    https://blnnews.com/2019/02/23/run-by-jackaes/

Quote from that story:

Downtown, downtown?

Ward 2 candidate Gergene Chissell is obviously Tari’s pick.  She parrots everything he says.  Clear back last August she did an interview with WGLT.  Since WGLT only posted the audio, you have to listen to it.  A transcript wasn’t written.

So what’s her plan for downtown?  Eminent Domain!  If you don’t know what that is, here’s the definition:    The right of a government to appropriate private property for public use, usually with compensation to the owner.

Listen to her interview here:    http://www.wglt.org/post/qa-bloomington-city-council-candidate-georgene-chissell

Since Chissell is Tari’s candidate, even the interview states Tari wants to use it, you will be paying more for gas to the City so they can seize private property.

That begs the question, why do they want it?  Easy.  A downtown bus transfer station.

Making it easier for poor people to change buses downtown is a losing strategy.  Of course, so was the Coliseum – but that didn’t stop them.  The Front and Center building is loaded with asbestos.  Maybe the gas tax will cover that removal too!

A vote to increase the gas tax will not take place Monday night, but it will be discussed.  Failure to show up and protest this fleece means you will be run over.  It’s up to you.

You might want to wear one of these, obviously fixing the roads is a low priority.  Tari campaigned twice on getting them fixed.  He lied.

10 thoughts on “Tari’s Creative Financing

  1. State Farm likely wants to dump their property Downtown, as it costs them money to maintain without any occupants. For them, it’s a liability and an annoyance. Tari will snag that for sure, as my contacts in the real estate and developer community say there is absolutely no interest in the property whatsoever. (Not a surprise to those with common sense.) The rest of the Downtown property owners are mostly pie-in-the-sky speculators that will demand (over the) top dollar for their property. Of course, Tari will pay since Downtown is his delusion focus and these nuts have helped elect and reelect him. Trouble is certainly afoot.

      1. Yes, I don’t disagree with Diane. But, State Farm has nothing to lose by throwing out a huge number. Tari is so wedded to his Downtown utopia that he might say “yes”.

  2. Don’t you guys get Tari’s “Master Plan”? Downtown can be, in his fanatic Marxist eyes, a Utopia. Private property all seized by eminent domain…….high density urban living–no yards, no “Excess” square footage, (and of course, no guns to combat high density crime)……NO CARS–Connect Transit, all the way. Government controlled culture–BCPA. Government controlled entertainment–the Judydome. A total destruction of individual liberty, with government control of EVERY detail of life. That is his plan. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

    1. There’s an ever declining number of people to control given the mass exodus of Bloomington-Normal and Illinois for that matter. Those that want to be controlled by the government will stick around and, in my opinion, can’t be helped. The individual and corporate welfare classes that rely on government transfers aren’t going anywhere, in fact, they’re growing. Renner will pick who he wants for his Utopia and buy their friendship and loyalty via incentives and so-called “private-public partnerships” that put taxpayer money on the line. I feel bad for those that want out but can’t escape.

  3. Yeah everyone needs a vest. They had them on sale at Menards for about seven or eight bucks. One of the better models with velcro and three pockets.

    1. But are those vest bullet-proof? With BLM-NL’s rise in crime, rise in ANTIFA, Welcome Ordinance, and neutering of law enforcement, your gonna need ’em!

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