Chris Koos: See 1936

By: Diane Benjamin

The climate change pushers ignore facts. When they claim the earth is burning because of fossil fuels they use temperatures since the 1960’s when a new ice age was being predicted. They will not tell you the 1930’s were hotter than now!

Why were the 1930’s so hot? It certainly wasn’t because of fossil fuels. Check that big yellow thing in the sky!

Chris Koos is a true believer in what used to be Global Cooling, then Global Warming, and now Climate Change. He has placed Normal in the hands of radicals who want to take away your freedom. Review this story:

Now see this story – Koos wants the Town to lead the attack on the fake Climate Change:

Koos thinks roofs should be white so they reflect the sun. Summer is a couple of months, it’s cool to cold for many more months here than hot. Dark roofs absorb heat. Koos wants you to spend more heating your home with a white roof. Brilliant way to fight climate change!

At least Chris does have enough sense to plant more trees. Is WGLT racist? The article states:

But national studies show that neighborhoods with low- and moderate-income residents and communities of color tend to be about 10 degrees hotter than tree-shaded, largely white neighborhoods.

People of color don’t have trees? They don’t live in neighborhoods with trees? For inner-cities with lots of concrete that is probably true. Normal isn’t Chicago! (yet)

The Koos big plan is to put solar panels over parking lots. He really hates surface parking, he pretty much eliminated it in Uptown. He will spare no expense solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Lucky for him he has a compliant council that will cheer “saving Normal” from Climate Change.

Solar panels enrich China where 80% are made. They are expensive and would require cutting back large trees that provide shade so sun can get to them.

The council is oblivious to climate change facts too. I bet Koos is already looking for a FEDERAL GRANT.

Residents who bothered to vote voted for this. Congrats!

25 thoughts on “Chris Koos: See 1936

  1. Well, industrial production had been utilizing coal for steam power for well over 100 years by 1936, so to say that it “certainly” wasn’t fossil fuels is not necessarily the case.

  2. No worries Koo-sy boy. Your fellow demonrats plan to block out the sun with aluminin particles distributed with the chemtrails. Stop with the wringing of hands already. Geesh!

  3. Maybe Koos should check with China, India, the undeveloped countries and all the other cities in Illinois and America before he commits poor taxpayers in Normal to lead the world in another wild goose chase. Maybe when everyone is given an EV to drive for free, we might even be more inclined to listen to Koos’ plea for more solar charging stations.

    Until those things happen, we will all know that his intention is nothing more than “look at me Pritzker!” policy making. Should we fund Koos’ political dreams?

    We will be forced to reduce our disposable incomes to a cause that is lost on multiple levels.

    No local money should be spent on the green agenda until it is resolved that every community is either forced by the feds, or willing committed to the insane idea that man can control the weather. That day is not here.

    This is not just a bad decision; it is self-serving and lacks judgment.

  4. Anyone got your latest electric bill 2 weeks ago not including the hottest weeks $350.
    Why Illinois can’t generate enough power for us so we are importing electricity from neighboring states,states that are generating electricity from coal fired plants. That’s why we are paying through the nose for electricity.
    Congratulations to all the ignorant demon rats that continue to vote in people like Koos and prickhead.
    Do I sound angry hell yes I am angry especially angry for all those poor people that don’t have the resources to pay for what the democrats have done to us add taxes into the mix and we are all screwed

  5. My mother always commented about 1936 when we were growing up. The hottest was 114. A string of days at 110+. Cooling down to 95 at night. That was in Northern Illinois (Freeport). All those figures were “air” temperatures and not “feel like” temps. I remember the big drought year of 1988. One day it was 105 “air” temperature. Strange how gullible and STUPID younger generations have become. Every night on TV 25 weather, they comment on the string of days at 90+ this summer. Look closely because many “all time” highs are on the screen from 1936 or thereabouts. Climate Change = BIG MONEY and POWER to the vast uninformed in our country today.

    1. @Carl
      Yes, we are uniformed. We have lost the ability or desire to critically think. There are 365 days in a year. How many days in a year do we have very hot or very cold or “record setting” or average temperatures? Overwhelmingly we have average temperatures. But do we say the climate is average? No.

      How can we become SO alarmed at a few hot days in the course of a year? Or even a year or two of above average temps in 100’s of millions of years to pick from? Because we have been primed (as you say Carl) by the money hungry and powerful to overreact.

      What’s on the line for them? What is their opportunity? Why are they doing this?

      1. Billions of dollars in research grants available for “proving” manmade climate change.
      2. Zero dollars for research that disproves manmade climate change.
      3. 100’s of Trillions of dollars in climate control infrastructure changes becoming available.
      4. Political domination.
      5. World domination.

      Climate change hype isn’t about the climate.

  6. The one comment that I have heard for years is that if a monkey was running for office a demonrat would vote for that monkey over a human the residents of normal sure support that thought. How sad

  7. Yeah BNIndy. Perhaps look at the sky once in awhile. Tons of info on the net identifying and reporting on chemtrails. However if you want to ridicule and write off what you don’t understand, have at it.

    1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. There is zero proof for what you speak of. Take off the tinfoil hat, man.

        1. The Epoch Times, really? Being on the internet doesn’t;’t make it real, or valid. Again, extraordinary claims of chem trails require extraordinary proof of.

          1. BNindy, I take it that the Epoch Times isn’t on the leftist list of sanctioned news outlets? Maybe you should provide the list so we can all be on the same page.

            1. I don’t know what their list is, I’m not a leftist…or a rightist. I prefer actual scientific facts.

  8. The tin hat group needs to understand that July and August are known as SUMMER MONTHS in summertime it gets hot. Putting solar panels everywhere will make the earth hotter. If Koos wants all roofs white is he planning on paying the cost out of his pocket? It just amazes me that the US has used oil,natural gas and coal since our independence and now all of a sudden the tin hat group has decided it’s bad? Let’s see what else. Oh yes EV and electric everything. How are the tin hats planning on charging ev s and maintaining their 70 degree homes when all the fuels are eliminated? Why solar? The same solar panels that erupt in a great ball of fire? windmills? I’m still waiting for a solar panel or windmill on vehicles Heck I’m still waiting for a ev that can withstand Illinois heat and snow. I realize the tin hats either live in another reality or they are sniffing,shooting or smoking something really good.someday when we are all living in caves and walking everywhere maybe they will get it ,probably not!
    One more thing solar panels over parking lots? They whose paying for them?

  9. Plenty of proof man. Plenty of denial and ignorance as well. Enjoy the ride, giggle, laugh, and say weeeeee all the way down the hill. Whoops, didn’t see that drop off you were warned about, huh? Splat!

  10. One thing I agree with is there is an over abundance of surface parking. That parking garage in Downtown Normal should be covered in grass which would remove CO from the atmosphere. The Town continues to annex farm land to cover it with warehouses for Rivian and luxury housing for their employees. Another thing is true. Humans are trying to manipulate the environment rather than letting Mother Nature do its thing.
    Koos is worried about the poor people of color? Is he taking into account the child labor in Africa who are mining the toxic chemicals required for solar panels and EV batteries?

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