Fun with WJBC on Facebook

By: Diane Benjamin

This question was asked:

So far there are 99 comments. Many pertain to the crappy roads and nowhere to shop.

This one is my favorite, I’d like to know where to find it:

Many pertained to Connect Transit, nobody mentioned it costs taxpayers now $1.3 million a month to not take you where you want to go. Many people want things that will cost them a lot of money. Others think private companies should be forced somehow provide their wants. The “arena” is managed by the City of Bloomington now. Blame them for no shows.

Below is a sample of the comments, to see more and who wrote these hop over to Facebook:

5 thoughts on “Fun with WJBC on Facebook

  1. Interesting comments….
    The first step towards resolving these problems is to get rid of both of these Mayors – meaning BOTH Bloomington and Normal Mayors…because these guys are NOT business-friendly.

    Shopping stinks here because these Mayors decided to demand stores close using Covid as an excuse (Don’t forget Mayor Bike Shop kept HIS store open so he could continue to pay his bills!)

    AND then fast-forward to now, if a local store managed to survive the Mayor’s Covid shut-down, now folks are “allowed” to steal merchandise without consequences.
    Folks should forget about any local shopping – every store should close down from all of the theft!

    OR more folks should open stores and see what it is really like to be a business owner in this town and deal with these issues – these two city Mayors could at least TRY to resolve these local problems.


    1. It’s clear our elected officials don’t want their business (the establishments owned by people other than their friends or supporters). I’d recommend they return the favor – post pictures of the mayors, and potentially council members or other complicit officials, and have impromptu closures whenever they go there.

  2. Remember the normal mayor keeping the police from confronting the looters at target.
    And yet the voters re-elected him. That is why you will never see a change in normal and yes I have a business that was shut down by wonderful Koos and company I was also there when we business owners in downtown oops uptown marched to his open business and he stood underneath a sign he had made taunting us with his arms folded standing in front of his business with the sign above his head.
    Don’t forget normal voters also voted out the only council person that actually looked out for the residents well being Stan Nord. Alas normal residents get everything they deserve and more how sad!!!

  3. I have almost quit buying gas in BL. About once a week I am close to McLean so I just stop there. They might as well collect any tax for the local town than BL who wastes it much less repair streets. Which mind you are progressively getting worse.

    As for shopping I do buy some things locally outside of groceries. Occassionally I do have to buy off of the internet. For example Lowe’s didn’t have a hot water faucet stem I needed in stock for about $13. Amazon I got it for about less 1/2 of Lowe’s price and free shipping. One reason to check prices before buying from a local store. Had it been in stock for let’s say for $9 or less I might have considered buying.

    I recently traded vehicles. I got a better deal with an out of town dealer rather than buying from the monopoly group I call them locally. Plus a better sales staff and business manager too. Locally I walked out of a dealership after dealing with a business manager. What do you mean just bring in a blank check tomorrow and we’ll go over the figures. I also don’t get the BS where the local city collects a tax. Luckily I don’t live in the city. Criminey just more money for the cities to waste away.
    Local city citizens should shop outside the city. Get a better deal and give the city fewer $$$’s. Bloomington collects the tax and Normal I don’t know if they do. That’s why I said city.

    Conservative mindset… how is that identified? I’m baffled.

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