Illinois Unclaimed Property

By: Diane Benjamin

Check this website to see if you have unclaimed money:

Claiming it is not easy in most cases. Just entering information usually isn’t enough. At least now documents they email to you can now be uploaded via the website. The treasurer’s office used to want you to get them notarized and then mail.

I wonder if Michael Frerichs knows his office is being used?

3 times I’ve seen companies turn refunds over to him instead of just mailing a check to the address they have. The address are completely legitimate, these 3 companies evidently want to punish people instead of just giving the money back.

Lee Enterprises did it to us. Years ago we had a Sunday only subscription. After many missed deliveries we canceled and never received a refund. The unclaimed property website listed the refund with the correct address. Frerichs finally did a software update so no additional documents needed to be submitted.

I can’t wait for the likely $5 they could have just sent to us instead of wasting taxpayer money processing it through the treasurer’s office.

Check the site, see if any companies did the same to you.

3 thoughts on “Illinois Unclaimed Property

  1. Horrible process to claim anything. A year ago I sent in a notarized birth certificate, marriage certificate and who knows what else to claim 2 different Cornbelt Energy Credits for $14 and $41. Spent over $9 in mailing costs. Got a denial letter back stating they still needed more info…Really not surprised. Few things work well in this state. I will not try again.

  2. I actually had my data compromised and and so I would not trust the data process and share

    Harvard Collection Agency sent me a letter the day after I completed the forms and trying to collect a $25 state tax that I did not even owe Reported to Sec of State and Attorney General

    Use with caution

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