Paying mileage would have been cheaper Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember when Normal bought the two Rivians?

The pickup was $73,631. The SUV was $77,931. Both numbers include $1000 down payment.

Council thought the two vehicles would be added to the fleet so they could be used as necessary. The pickup has regular plates that no one has ever explained. The SUV has government plates.

“Somebody” drives the pickup without ever signing it out. GUESS WHO!

I did not receive the 6 months I FOIA’d, below is what I did receive. As soon as the SUV was received the pickup quit being used by employees. The SUV isn’t even used that often. Paying employees mileage for personal use of their vehicle would have been cheaper than letting the SUV sit. We know the pickup truck isn’t just sitting. It’s been seen all over town.

9 thoughts on “Paying mileage would have been cheaper Normal

  1. You gotta love it the demoncrats in Normal can afford any vehicle that they want so providing the part time mayor with a $70 k vehicle doesn’t bother them at all.
    I can’t tell you why the rest of the residents aren’t upset but obviously looking at who they vote for they don’t care either!

  2. Buying the Rivian’s was NOT about making a fiscally responsible decision on transportation. It was about giving King Koos and Queen Pam luxury vehicles to drive on the taxpayer’s dime.

  3. king koos the tyrant fancies himself rainbow royalty. The taxpaying serfs must foot the bill for his royal chariot.

  4. Got to love the titles of the town of Normal employees who are driving the Rivian.
    Jessica Ragland is the Executive Assistant for the town of Normal. In other words, she’s Koos’ secretary. Another user is Nicole Lind who is benefits coordinator for the town of Normal. Jason Querciagrossa is Deputy Corporate Counsel. Guess he needs a Rivian to defend Koos. Nicolas Reeder is the Network Administrator.

    If you’re going to have a Rivian for employee use I guess you need a Benefits coordinator and a Network Administrator and while you’re at it, a Deputy Corporate Counsel.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Rivian vehicles are taxpayer property. Anyone need a ride? As taxpayers you should be entitled to use the vehicle anytime! It may be parked in his driveway but it’s still bought buy taxpayers money. This goes for any vehicle purchased and maintained by taxpayers monies.

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