Normal has their 2nd Rivian

By: Diane Benjamin

Is the first Rivian back in Koos’ driveway now that the election is over?

Tonight payment for the 2nd Rivian is in the bills report:

Is this one in Pam Reece’s driveway? She gets a car allowance each month, either the Rivian shouldn’t be at her house or the vehicle allowance should end.

Reece contract from 2019, salary has increased:

If anyone sees it charging in the parking garage – get the license plate number please and pics!

Koos’ pickup was only $73,631. Rivian stock is current down again – off .22.

6 thoughts on “Normal has their 2nd Rivian

  1. The elite living large at the expense of the taxpayer. When will they be saying Thank You to the taxpayers for buying vehicles for them? Will it be on the front page of the slantagraph? Will it be proclaimed at the next meeting?

  2. The Democrat manager and Mayor buy themselves luxury vehicles to drive with taxpayer dollars while the roads are riddled with potholes, some neighborhoods are plagued with brown tap water, and sewage floods basements. This is the norm in Normal.

  3. If this is truly occurring, then those responsible are guilty of government theft (stealing taxpayer money to purchase personal use vehicles). These vehicles should be marked with TON identification and only used for Town business if the Town has used tax money to purchase. If Rivian is donating the vehicles for a public employee’s personal use it is a quid pro quo for political favors rendered and should be investigated by the proper law enforcement authority. BN has obviously gone down the corruption rabbit hole. Both scenarios are serious offenses against the public trust and interests.

    1. Normal and its rulers are very good at riding the lines of ‘unethical but legal’ and sometimes ‘illegal but will be considered not worth prosecuting’.

  4. To the victors go the spoils ! Koos ,backed by a loyal council , will lead Normal to even greater greatness in the near term. The People have spoken and their will shall be carried forth in the public arena by those duly elected by law.

    And Pam gets a new Rivian.

    Will Sonja get one too ?


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