Is Normal getting paid to destroy quiet single family house neighborhoods?

By: Diane Benjamin

See this link directly from the White House:

One excerpt:

Restrictive zoning means not allowing multi-family housing in established single-family neighborhoods. Biden is willing to pay LOCAL government for EQUITY.

So how much is Normal planning to collect to change the zoning at Beech and Shelbourne?

Since no one currently elected represents citizens and Koos appoints the Planning Commission, whatever is proposed is very likely to pass.

Some citizens have started a petition to keep their quiet neighborhoods:

We know from recent history nobody elected in Normal cares what you think, they ignored petitions to save the Uptown mural and one to move the new fire station across the street at Hershey and Shepard.

In case you forgot, here’s a long list of citizens being ignored:

Sign the petition, but the ONLY time I’ve seen the Council bow to citizens is when Black Lives Matter showed up to protest the Town removing the Jelani Day pic from a town building. Koos lost control of that meeting.

You will be ignored if you don’t show up in large numbers to protest the destruction of your neighborhoods and property values. Ask Normal how many Biden bucks they are expecting!

In case you didn’t know, destroying single family zoning started under Obama.

6 thoughts on “Is Normal getting paid to destroy quiet single family house neighborhoods?

  1. Try looking at the west side of Heyworth! Section 42 housing is going up quickly. Assembled in Wapella, these small homes were allowed over the disapproval of the nearby residents. All tax subsidized housing. Special zoning was needed to allow this. We are sure that the Village of Heyworth received a HUGE grant for allowing this project. This is the kind of rezoning that Obama dreamed about. We all hope this works out well. Stay tuned!

  2. Town staff don’t care about the residents. The Executive Town staff don’t even have to live in Normal and most don’t. If destroying neighborhoods gets Pam Reece and her staff more federal money to spend, then destroy they will do. The council is a bunch of yes-men who have proven either they fully align with “staff agenda” or are too cowardly to defy the Queen.

  3. Heyworth and Normal government officials see only one thing,dollar signs! No matter how many people show up to meetings the damage is done. The money will win every time especially in Normal. King Koos wants the money. Money speaks louder than citizens!
    Basically your money will be used to ruin your neighborhood and once the building or buildings are up the damage is done.

    As for Heyworth, I’m darn glad I’m gone before it’s totally destroyed What a pathetic shame to see small town Heyworth go via the way of Normal. It makes me sad. Greed wins again

  4. Planning Commission Meeting
    Thursday, December 7, 2023
    To make recommendations to the Town Council concerning revisions to ordinances in regards to subdivision and zoning, in addition to revisions to the zoning mapDate:
    December 7, 2023
    5:00 PM
    View Facility
    City Hall
    11 Uptown Circle
    Normal, IL 61761

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