I’m not fighting YOUR fights – You have to

By: Diane Benjamin

McLean County is already planning to massively raise your property taxes. Every other unit of government might be making the same plans, after all your property values increased substantially – you can afford it right?

If you don’t stand up for yourself IN PERSON they will take more of your money. Emails are better than nothing, making them see your eyes is better. The list below wasn’t compiled by me, it also doesn’t cover every taxing body that wants more of your money. Refer to your property tax bill. If you rent and find if hard to afford rent now, just wait until the landlord is forced to raise rent to cover their higher property tax bill.

If you need help finding when those people on your bill meet – ask me.

Bloomington meets Monday night. Normal meets a week from Monday. The County is voting Thursday. Unit 5 and District 87 meeting dates and times are on their websites.

4 thoughts on “I’m not fighting YOUR fights – You have to

  1. anyone that trusts the process, data, GIS system being shoved at every county and property owner is foolish

    as are citizens that dont stand up for themselves out and question the data, system and process


  2. The citizens of McLean county will have no choice but to either pay or leave because the local government doesn’t care what you say. You can stand there and say whatever you want but they control the purse. They will threaten to take services from you. That is what unit 5 did, and that is what they will continue to do unless voters get out and vote.

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