Normal recap 4-3-23

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos claimed on Facebook recently that Normal’s sewer system is fine:

See 2:50 on the video. Nord asked about this payment:

Pam Reece verified the Maplewood area has sewer problems. Oops Koos.


16:25. Koos decided to let Kevin McCarthy read the LONG list of appointments before the Council voted. Stan Nord mentioned reading the list still doesn’t give citizens a chance to comment if they object to an appointment.

Remember when voters rejected RC McBride as a Trustee, probably because making law and reporting on it at WGLT was wrong, and then Koos appointed him to the Planning Commission. McBride is now the chair so he is still making creating policy and reporting on it. (It’s impossible to be a journalist watchdog that way!)

Chris Koos mentioned nobody before Stan ever questioned his failure to allow citizens time to comment about appointments. Well DUH! Your bobbleheads never represented citizens mayor, they were elected to rubberstamp your agenda. Why else would a past Council agree to rent Sprague’s for $120 a year? (and other fleeces!)


There was ONE public Comment at the end of the meeting, luckily she didn’t have to wait hours to speak since the meeting was relatively short.

Unfortunately you can’t hear the comment.

If you were watching live the video froze for most of it. The copy posted to YouTube just skips most of the comment. Hit Play below to hear what little of it is on video.

The summary is she has had problems for years with an apartment rental company throwing garbage in her neighborhood. Evidently Pam Reece doesn’t feel the need to equally enforce ordinances. The speaker came complete with large pictures of the problem. Too bad citizens can’t see their government at work. The video was fine until she spoke and fine after.

On purpose the day before an election? You decide.

3 thoughts on “Normal recap 4-3-23

  1. Unbelievable. “Words matter” and “Fact Check”. Self proclaimed experts that clearly love to wave their awards at whoever questions reality or anything. Thanks goodness Mr Nord has a backbone and brain. Feel bad for him having to deal with the fiasco with Koos and all the team.

  2. Normal is a great microcosm of America today. People in office don’t give a rip about the taxpayers…..they only want to maintain their power and privileges and force their elitist centered policies on the people footing the bill. I hope the voters get their heads out of their backsides today and take back their local government.
    But I bet they don’t.

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