Who is hiding a DUI?

By: Diane Benjamin

The driver of the vehicle that ran a red light and crashed at 7:20 AM last Sunday at Washington and East Streets was charged with DUI. Bond was set at $250,000 (10% applies)

The accident killed the passenger Kudeidrea L. Stewart. The article below doesn’t have the condition of the other driver or the name.


How I found out: https://www.thelegaladvocate.com/news/breaking/kudeidrea-l-stewart-killed-dui-accident-washington-east-street-bloomington

Did the police hide the DUI or media? I haven’t seen DUI reported anywhere.

Update: Evidently the paper reported it. I don’t read it.

4 thoughts on “Who is hiding a DUI?

  1. They like to exploit stuff and report on certain things but for sure hide stuff involving their family and family. Know that for sure!!

    Something is not right in B-N. Comes from the top “leaders”

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