Media: Jenn was not censured

By: Diane Benjamin

In the latest example of FAKE NEWS, local media is still acting like Jenn Carrillo was censured at the special meeting last Monday. Evidently they didn’t watch the meeting or can’t read the agenda. “Possible action” was on the agenda, not actually doing anything. The vote was 6-3 to do something in the future. The agenda:

Other media outlets have parroted the censure story. Just because media prints something doesn’t make it true! Obviously a lot of media refused to do even the slightest investigation if they see another media source printing something, they just re-word the story and recycle it.

That didn’t stop the Pantagraph from continuing this false narrative with an “Our Views” story on Saturday:


I wonder how the Pantagraph will spin the actual censure or whatever action is taken by the Bloomington City Council in the future?

Below is what Tari Renner’s censure looked like. They could have changed the name to Jenn Carrillo and put it on tonight’s agenda. They didn’t. That must mean they are creating a useless Code of Conduct that will do nothing to curb behavior unbecoming an alderman. Behavior won’t be taken seriously until We The People have the ability to remove clowns from seats of power.

The only reason I started writing 9 years ago was because of FAKE NEWS. I guess I can’t stop yet.

6 thoughts on “Media: Jenn was not censured

  1. I hope you don’t stop writing unless it gets to be too much for you! Keep up the great work, Diane!


  2. Trickle down leadership. Renner to Carrillo to the community. Thanks Terry!
    Terry had very congenial tone most of the time that masked a very dark anger.
    Jenn puts on a very nice smile between puffs but what hides behind those teeth?

    The Censures say that –
    council members – must set the example and tone for demonstrating respect and integrity.
    Jenn is perfectly fine with the tone of making other people’s lives a “living hell”.
    Censuring won’t change a thing.

    And Jenn wants a “Welcoming City Ordinance”?
    It is crystal clear that her “welcoming” is exclusive not inclusive.
    She likes some people and the rest can go to her living hell.

  3. The “ Welcoming City Ordinance “ simply encourages importing Illegal Foreign Drug and Crime to our city.

  4. Spot on, Diane. Interestingly enough, Jenn referred to it as her censure via a recent Facebook video. (Those are always entertaining by the way.) Not sure if she’s uninformed (likely) or wanting to play the part of a victim (highly likely). The local birdcage liner probably just didn’t research the nuances of this matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Based on my read of it, the comments on local/community FB pages are running 95/5 against Jenn and her ideology. The populous woke up last election cycle and was just kindly reminded by Jenn why they voted the way they did. Let’s see if she can help those other two birds to lose their seats next election. Also, is it me or does Mathy all of a sudden sound reasonable and logical? He’s handled this situation surprisingly well. Perhaps, he’s been doing some political calculations.

      1. Actually I’m looking forward to Mboka. After 8 years of Renner, anything’s an improvement. Add to it Stockton, Judy and Jesse Smart and the bar keeps getting lower for Mboka. I think he’s an improvement on all of them. Best of all, we’re going to see Jenn’s hypocrisy on full display. Black Lives Matter has never been a civil rights movement for her. It’s a political ideology that I don’t think Mboka embraces at all. This is going to be an interesting show.

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