Carrillo loses 6-3

By: Diane Benjamin Even though Jenn’s Democratic Socialists and Illinois People’s Action buddies appeared at public comment, the majority of the Council didn’t buy Jenn’s comments pertaining to Nick Becker and Sheila Montney had anything to do with freedom of speech. Video will be posted tomorrow, citizens did also speak appalled at her comments. You will have to endure the “unmute yourself” and “can you hear me now” comedy that always accompanies Public Comment. Julie Emig joined Carrillo and Jeff Crabill in voting no to holding Jenn accountable for her comments. The most important comment came from Ward 1 Alderman Jamie Mathy. He spoke to a developer trying to get a company to build affordable housing here. They monitor social media of elected officials. It is possible Jenn’s antics kept them from building here. Speech has consequences. One more note – I will continue to expose Carrillo’s socialism (or worse) for one reason:

Dismantling capitalism means dismantling America. I will not allow this uneducated twit to destroy this great country. Capitalism is what made it great and is the fairest form of government ever created. Jenn prefers to create government slaves with handouts by redistributing wages earned to those who didn’t earn it. I hope no potential investors in Bloomington were listening to public comment. Even though the voices supporting Jenn were loud, they merely pretended to represent large numbers of people. All four of the socialist candidates Jenn Carrillo was campaign manager for lost – obviously she represents the extreme minority of like minded. The voters rejected socialism because it has never worked anywhere. Carrillo asked for a moment of silence for all the people of color gunned downs by police. How about a longer time of silence for all the officers gunned down just doing their job. Jenn likely doesn’t know there are many more of them than the ones she referred to. Many if not all suspects who died would still be alive if they had just followed directions. That must be too difficult for her buddies. She set the example for them.

28 thoughts on “Carrillo loses 6-3

  1. All I heard JENN And her comrades (including Jeff and Julie) talk about was this was attempt to silence Jenn and therefore women, people of color, and the LGBQT community.. This is the biggest joke ever! Jenn and her cronies bully and terrorize people to silence them. And in case Jeff is color blind, this resolution was brought forward by a man of color.

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  2. Jamona Jenn -n- Crabill used the old Alinski manipulation tactic of accusing the opponents motives twisting of reason. Failed. Even trying to stack the deck with with call in public comment to deflect failed. Jenn is all used up politically in this town – Peoples1st and the DSA should reassign her elsewhere as her future effectiveness here is trashed. #crabillIsNext^^

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  3. Daily reader, first time commenter.

    Just writing to let you know that as of the fall of last year I have severed all ties to the local DSA chapter. The image you shared above has been taken down from their site for this reason. You’re more than welcome to use the quote, but I ask that you please remove the image and correct your story, as i do not wish to be affiliated with the Bloomington-Normal DSA. They just don’t represent my values.

    Thanks in advance, Diane! Huge fan of your work!
    ❤ jc


    1. It is probably more likely that you don’t represent their values. Didn’t Blo No’s Black Lives Matter have issues with you too? You tend to make everything about yourself and run with your unstable emotions and cause division in your own camp. You showed up to the protest last year and planned on not taking center stage for once but then had to (and had to use your car as your theatrical weapon and get arrested) because well, you’re Jenn Carrillo, you’re not just McLean County’s worst enemy, you’re your own worst enemy. It’s amazing how you talk out of both sides of your mouth, afraid to leave your house to get milk but you’re not too afraid to leave to “bag a lot of chics.” The DSA did themselves a favor by distancing themselves from you and removing you. They probably value election results and their organization. Get used to being removed. It’ll look better on you then the “I need a pysch eval starter pack and haircut” you got going on right now.


  4. You are absolutely no different than Ms. Carrillo. You and your commenters use extreme right wing propaganda and talking points to divide people. You are very clearly obsessed with Jennifer Carrillo and this does not do you and this blog any favors. You often sound shrill and demented on what one Bloomington Council member does/doesn’t do.

    Alinski manipulation? Give me a break. I bet anything that you or any one here have not actually read anything Alinski wrote. You are just parroting back what other people have said who also have not read Saul Alinski books.

    One Bloomington Council member is not going to dismantle America. Your repeated hysterical attacks on Carrillo puts you in the exact same category of America First kooks who use racism and xenophobia to push their extreme agenda that unnamed people are coming to replace “true” Americans.

    One would think that freedom of speech would come in play here in Bloomington, but apparently someone who states what she believes in needs to be silenced. Other People have said more radical things than what Ms Carrillo has in the past. I would think that a blog that was all about free speech would protect that right even if it was not something anyone here would state.


    1. “You are absolutely no different than Ms. Carrillo.”

      I don’t agree. Too bad.

      “You and your commenters use extreme right wing propaganda and talking points to divide people.”

      Nice generalization. I’m so sure that you have cataloged and grouped every comment and poster… *eyeroll*

      “You are very clearly obsessed with Jennifer Carrillo”

      You mean like your obsession with this blog? Why is this the go-to statement, every time? Every person that makes that dumbass comment is suggesting that she alone is free from criticism and if you do criticize her, it’s obsession. Never mind how much of an asshole she is…

      “You often sound shrill”

      I’m sorry, how does the printed word SOUND shrill? If it sounds shrill in your head, it’s because your inner monologue sounds shrill. Printed words, or text, don’t have a sound until you read them. I hope that this concept isn’t too much for your smooth brain to understand.

      “I bet anything that you or any one here have not actually read anything Alinski wrote.”

      And I bet on your pathetic existence that no one here gives a shit about your thoughts on their reading habits. If anyone is parroting, it’s you. Parroting back the same garbage that every single smooth brain regurgitates here. No one is impressed.

      “One Bloomington Council member is not going to dismantle America.”

      You have ZERO ways in which to prove her wrong, other than your opinion. Sit down.

      “Your repeated hysterical attacks on Carrillo puts you in the exact same category of America First kooks who use racism and xenophobia to push their extreme agenda that unnamed people are coming to replace “true” Americans.”

      Speaking of parroting….why don’t you come up with something better than muh racism, muh sexism, muh xenophobia. And why do commenters like yourself ALWAYS use straw man arguments as some sort of gotcha? No one has talked about what YOU are talking about. YOU brought up America First. YOU brought up replacement theory. NO ONE ELSE HERE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT BUT YOU, YOU DEGENERATE.

      “One would think that freedom of speech would come in play here in Bloomington, but apparently someone who states what she believes in needs to be silenced. Other People have said more radical things than what Ms Carrillo has in the past. I would think that a blog that was all about free speech would protect that right even if it was not something anyone here would state.”

      Don’t act like you give a shit about freedom of speech. ROFL. Get a load of this one. Calling criticism of an elected official “hysterical attacks” and then whining about freedom of speech. Aren’t you the same exact group of people that says “YOU HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BUT NOT FREEDOM FROM CONSEQUENCES?”

      Also, I just noticed your first four sentences all started with “you” or “you are” and then you talked about obsession. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

      Anything else, smooth brain?


    2. Are you serious Book the Mark?
      Are you defending Saul Alinsky? I’ve read his book Rules for Radicals. The one that he dedicated to Satan, “the first true radical.” A more deceptive and divisive book had never been written. Except maybe The Communist Manifesto.

      “I will make their lives a living hell.”
      What is the intention behind those remarks? What if you said that about a co-worker. I’d like to see what happens when you tell your boss, “free speech!”

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    3. Censure and censor are two different things. There was no attempt at censoring Carrillo’s comments. A censure is a stern rebuke of an elected official by the elected body to which they belong for inappropriate actions, unbecoming of the elected office. Jenn’s comments were threats and personal attacks against newly elected officials. No matter how she and her followers try to twist the facts, the facts still remain.

      One doesn’t have to turn to Alinsky to explain Jenn’s actions. There is an anachronism, DARVO which stands for “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender.” It is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers. The abuser denies the abuse ever took place, attacks the victim for attempting to hold the abuser accountable, and claims that they, the abuser, are actually the victim in the situation, thus reversing the reality of the victim and the offender. This usually involves not just “playing the victim” but also victim blaming. Sometimes referred to as gaslighting and typical of narcissists.

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  5. I would also like to mention Jen is no longer a member of blono dsa and they do not wish to be affiliated with her.


  6. @bookthemark, same ole commenter, spewing same old crap. Delusional as usual, – Carillo vs Benjamin are very, very different.Ya can’t see or understand that? * No propanga here, no brag just fact. * Not obsessed, Jenn wants attention. * Sound shrill? LMAO. * Yep, Alinski is part of Jenn’s playbook. * One Bloomington council member does not get a free pass. * Hysterical attacks? Again, LMAO. * America First does not use racism. Attempt to untwist yourself. * The border situation is an invasion and yes are trying to replace the majority. * Not trying to censor Jenn but threatening remarks should be dealt with accordingly. * The blog not only protects free speech,but allows idiots like you to participate. * Seriously feel sorry for you.

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  7. to “Book the Mark”” Many local conservatives read Alinsky over a decade ago. I support free speech. In this case I’m simply endorsing the standards that Jenn Carrillo and People’s Action apply to everyone else. Jenn has made sexist, bigoted, hateful and threatening comments as a alderman. If anyone else did this she would Probably be demanding resignations, protests , boycotts and possibly rioting.

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  8. Well Jenn, when you promote cancel culture, don’t be surprised when it turns around and bites you in the butt. What goes around comes around. If black lives really matter to Jenn then maybe she’ll show some respect to the mayor elect.

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  9. Public comments will now include a moment of silence for all officers killed in the line of duty this year. Watch and learn. Why does DSA want nothing to do with JC? Has JC not figured out that 75 percent of people disagree with her as to public safety? Does she believe that Becker and Montney gave money to voters to ensure votes? I see zero complaining about candidates that received money from the labor unions? To the three that voted last night against censuring JC….your seats are coming up. You really think that things are not going to shift? We will continue to fight the good fight. You just continue to be all about you.

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  10. This is a huge victory for civility. Mayor M is setting the tone early in his administration. Bravo, sir! Everyone should be held accountable for their actions, whether they’re elected officials or private citizens. Jenn is only serving to further reinforce to voters that they made the right decision in the last election. Continuation of her antics, tactics, and policies can only be a net negative for Crabill and Emig in the next election. It was interesting to see Mathy grow a spine and stand up to Jenn. For some time now, I (and I’m sure many others) have warned that business owners, developers, and investors do their homework, carefully researching and scouting local governments and elected officials. If you’re planning to drop some serious money on a project, you probably don’t want your business obstructed, protested, or lectured to by self-righteous woke city council members. There are plenty of other communities that would happily welcome your private business investment.

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  11. The stated reason for Carrillo’s anger against the council, the police and the community –
    Racism is the “status quo” in the police department and in the community.

    Her “data” or proof for her claim –
    1. There are more blacks than whites in jail
    2. Blacks are more likely to be confronted by police

    These ARE facts but they do not lead to her conclusion which is to defund the police.
    Her logic breaks down when you acknowledge that there is more than one reason for the black crime rate. But she does not intend to be logical, she intends to deceive.

    Enforcing the law IS NOT the cause of crime. Defunding police WILL NOT reduce crime, but it will reduce the number of people caught committing crime.

    Jenn does not care. Her work is not to solve problems for her constituents. In fact, it will hurt her constituents. Her work is to advance the Socialist dream. Her method is to pit citizen against citizen, council member against council member, child against parent.

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      1. Not to mention the fact that NO business, large or small, minority owned or not, would move to her ward, unless they like the idea of it being ransacked some day. So much for lifting up her constituency.

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  12. People need to remember going forward– particularly Mayor Mboka and the sane aldermen on the council — that Jenn and Jeff are power-seeking, damaged psychopaths. As is the drunk sociopath on his way out the door. Their “causes” and their philosophies are phony, transparent shields to enable them to push forward in gaining more power over regular people for revenge. I hope that people in this town will finally grasp that and start from there.

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  13. Prove her marriage in Peoria County with the divorce with the person Jenn married did not make one court appearance that “allowed” her to gain via the marriage was not done only for getting her citizenship to do all the damage she is “attempting” to do to OUR CITY., COUNTRY and CONTINUE DIVIDING instead of working together. She is on her team and not on OUR CITY TEAM. It is my freedom of speech right to have the opinion that she got married and divorced was ONLY TO GET CITIZENSHIP not about love. I offer $1000.00 to anyone that can factual prove this theory of her methodology to get her citizenship via a fake marriage. Also, proof both her parents are or are not illegally in the United States. FACTS gets the money.


  14. Working on my first public comment when Nick, Shelia and Mbowka take their new respective seats. It will be so nice to do public comment and allowed to do so now that Tari will be gone. Perhaps Jenn can get through her head that you don’t need to seek a tornado shelter if there is no tornado approaching. The WHOLE idea of George Floyd could happen here and we must do something about it is ridiculous. No incidents like that have occurred here. Our police are professionally trained and will continue to be trained. Why would JC want to defund and take away training? Good question. JC, I think your circle is small. Also, you should look at the number of voters that came out and supported Nick and Shelia…tell you anything? It should but you just might not be smart enough to grasp that concept. Hey JC…just know that Back the Blue has more support than your causes which seems to look like PFC is your only cause that will let you be a part. DSA is done with you and so is BLM. You are not the centerpiece of the Bloomington community, nor will you ever be. Good luck. Oh…PS…see how the judicial system works? You might take note of that instead of promoting rioting, stealing and burning.


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