Guess where Normal’s new trail money is coming from

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 51:

On tonight’s Normal Town Council agenda:

Will anyone mention Sprague’s Super Service hasn’t been open for the past year? Will anyone mention this trail also goes by 1 Normal Plaza where Koos buddy and campaign supporter Bob Broad (and wife Julie Hile) own property?

The documentation doesn’t say where the money for this trail comes from, other than the $150,000 State grant. Where will the other $321,357 come from?

For that answer go back to the December 21, 2020 packet:

At this meeting the Community Investment Fund was discussed. PDF page 45 states 130 Capital projects are in the Community Investment Plan, this is just one of them. This project is listed on PDF page 52. Interestingly it is listed under Parks and Recreation instead of with another trail item under Transportation.

Why does that matter? Because Transportation spell out bike trails are funded with Motor Fuel Tax: PDF page 48:

On the same page Parks isn’t so clear where funding comes from. Of course bikes don’t pay Motor Fuel Tax, pedestrians don’t either. Is this new Trail in Parks because the funding source is actually Motor Fuel Tax?

Maybe somebody will ask.

Will Chris Koos recuse himself since he has stated his business is booming because of the pandemic and a new trail will just mean more business? I predict, not likely since he has never recused himself before.

Stating in the documentation this project is in the budget is meaningless. Budgets don’t pay bills. Where is the money coming from? If that questioned is answered maybe next someone will ask why it isn’t listed under Transportation. A trail sure isn’t a park.






11 thoughts on “Guess where Normal’s new trail money is coming from

  1. We can’t even afford to fix the damn potholes and these free spenders are building new bike trails??? Only in a city where the mayor owns a bike shop and in a state where corruption has no consequences.

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  2. How fitting…the Town of Normal is wasting even more taxpayer money to connect various taxpayer-funded government boondoggles and friends of government together.

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  3. In community planning jargon, bike trails have been listed as “linear parks” since they began constructing them. That’s how they get away putting them in the parks budget instead of transportation. Dealing with the government for years you learn they can pretty much do anything they want without fear of repercussions.

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      1. The “complete streets” concept is for “on the road” bike lanes not off road trails like Constitution Trail or the county trail. Chris as never exhibited in any shame in using his political position to promote his business. In his twisted ethics he sees no conflict with it. I’ve said for a long time the dude has deep-seeded anger issues about certain things in his life. Being Mayor of Normal is his “I’ll show you” or better yet “f*** you” moment.

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  4. So Kevin McCarthy doesn’t want Stan interrupting the staff , but has no problem with the Mayor interrupting Stan. What a Circus! When McCarthy said beat a dead horse all I could think of was Dixen and all the Wueen’s Horses


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