Today – Downtown Bloomington

POW/MIA Flag raising at the Mclean County Museum of History. New Normal Township Trustee Art Rodriguez led the event. Rep Dan Brady and County Board member Jim Soeldner attended. The bugler from Leroy Axillary Unit 79 was superb. Flags have been at half staff for quite awhile, nobody remembers why. It may have started under President Trump concerning COVID.

If you know a Boy Scout looking for an Eagle project, the white paint is getting very faint on the names memorialized:

The CII East building still looks just as awful as it did years ago. A very welcoming sight entering Bloomington from the south:

One more item of note: The planter boxes are attractive, the weeds aren’t. Leave it to government to create more work for staff. (Across the street from CII East)

One thought on “Today – Downtown Bloomington

  1. Was the old mayor present? Well of course not. Was the new mayor present? He should have been there. He missed a key opportunity. He should make a point of honoring Memorial Day and attending ceremonies locally.


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